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Discover our programs designed to help change-making leaders get their voices heard within their organizations and communities. So that they can, in turn, inspire others to take action.


We identify, equip, support and connect employees and managers who sincerely want to contribute to the transformation of their company by reconciling business and social/environmental impact.

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Convinced that the media play an essential role in shaping our perception and understanding of the world, we encourage journalists and media stakeholders to go beyond problems, to explore and report on existing responses as well through solutions journalism.

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Artists and creatives

We build bridges between today’s knowledge and what we wish the future to look like by creating events where members of the cultural and art scene can learn how to integrate these topics into their work.

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Social entrepreneurs

Are you involved in an initiative that has a significant social or environmental impact?
You could have the opportunity to get your project featured in newspapers worldwide, through one of our media programs, or to participate in our events to connect with companies in your sector.

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Institutions and organizations

We regularly collaborate with organizations and entrepreneurs with whom we share common values and goals. These collaborations include co-organizing events, sharing content, as well as creating and amplifying advocacy campaigns.

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Our Manifesto

As the world faces unprecedented social, economic and ecological challenges, we are convinced that we urgently need to slow down, to rethink our relationship with nature and growth, and to reassess the way our society is organized by imagining new types of education approaches and technologies at the service of humanity.

Our mission is to promote new narratives. By changing the perception of what is possible, we can create a new narrative that can ultimately lead to action. What does this mean? We show that ways of eating, dressing, working, moving, learning and communicating that are not harmful to the planet and people’s health already exist and are practiced across the globe.

We do not pretend to “create” the solutions — instead, we are committed to helping those who develop them grow and achieve concrete and proven results. We do this by trusting in human creativity and ingenuity, promoting authenticity, courage and solidarity.

We are neither a consulting firm, nor a positive press agency, nor a media dedicated to sustainable development. We weave links between changemakers; we plant seeds that can trigger action; we create sparks that can attract attention.

We reach out to those who question the status quo to inspire them, support them according to their needs and connect them with potential partners. Whether they are journalists, employees, managers, organizational leaders, creators, or citizens, we go hand in hand with them as they create new narratives about the world we live in.

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Since 2012, Sparknews
Has collaborated with more than

major news outlets

from around the world to participate in more than 20 solutions-oriented media programs.

Has organized more than


to encourage reflection on the practice of constructive journalism.

Has identified


with significant social and environmental impact

Has highlighted more than

impactful projects through our different activities

Has gathered more than

decision-makers at the Positive Innovation Club

in Paris, NYC, London and HK, encouraging them to adopt more inclusive and sustainable approaches within their companies.

Has led more than


to support thousands of people eager to prompt positive change

Has raised awareness among

million readers worldwide

worldwide through our media campaigns.

… not to mention the action triggers that have inspired a dozen news media outlets around the world to set up solutions-oriented sections, that have led some 50 social entrepreneurs to collaborate with major leading companies, and that have made an impact on thousands of readers and corporate employees through the stories we have shared…

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