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Institutions & organizations

We regularly collaborate with organizations and entrepreneurs with whom we share common values and goals.

These collaborations include co-organizing events, sharing content and creating and disseminating advocacy campaigns.

Advocacy : create momentum on your topic

Is your mandate to raise awareness about the urgency to act for a social and environmental transition? Are you convinced that we need to change the narratives around the world’s most important issues? Let’s build ambitious media programs together.

Get people to know the projects you support

Is your mission to support, finance or accompany social and environmental entrepreneurs? Do you want them to gain media coverage opportunities? Or to participate in business networking events ? Let’s partner!

Spark your events with interactive formats

Do you plan to shed light on social and environmental project leaders of your network? Do you want to involve journalists to the event in a fun and interactive way while providing knowledgeable content to the audience? Let’s connect for a Sparkshow!

Discover new inspiring projects in your field

Last but not least, we would be very happy to create a sourcing partnership with your organization all year round. This means that we could write to each other whenever we have sourcing requests, no matter the region or the SDGs.

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To imagine impactful collaborations together!
Examples of past partnerships

Workshops with journalists

workshops organized on the eve of the European elections with the European Climate Foundation

47 journalists discussing how to cover the European elections and its links to the climate crisis

8 articles written consequently (including France 24, France Culture, El Diario, infoLibre etc.)

Learning Expedition

Early 2019, Sparknews partnered with the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME) to create a learning expedition dedicated to sustainable mobility. Bringing together 6 journalists and 3 experts, the group was immersed in a content-based trip in the region of Nantes, France. 5 articles were published following the Learning expedition.


In 2018, Sparknews partnered with the World Innovation Summit for Education to do a Sparkshow with projects supported at the WISE Accelerator. At the crossroads between TED and The Voice, 9 WISE awardees pitched in front of a panel of 8 journalists specialized in Education & EdTech…all behind buzzers. All journalists interested in covering the projects buzzed, with as much as 38 possible media implications.

Our References

Solar Impulse
As part of Sparknews’ media program Solutions&Co, a solution labeled by Solar Impulse received the highest number of publications worldwide. Bertrand Piccard also pitched to the Sustainable Future Forum in NYC.

Centre d’Innovation Sociale
Two CSI projects pitched at the Positive Innovation Club, one of them is now working on a promising business deal thanks to a connection that was made there.

Fondation Ellen MacArthur
Ellen MacArthur benefited from a worldwide media coverage through our media campaign around Circular Economy for Solutions&Co.

The European Climate Foundation
In 3 European cities, Sparknews has conducted media workshops dedicated to the media coverage of climate topics.


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