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Our Story
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At the age of 24, Christian de Boisredon and two friends set off around the world to discover positive initiatives, against the backdrop of the depressing information he found in the media. Together, they gather their discoveries in a future best-seller: Hope Around the World (Pocket). Thus was born Christian’s inner conviction: the media can reach their audience by being more constructive. He therefore co-founded the association Reporters d’Espoirs and launched Libé des solutions (a special solutions’ journalism issue of the French newspaper Libération) in 2007.

In 2012, he decides to explore new ways to convince editorial offices around the world to focus on solutions and funds Sparknews. The social enterprise organises collaborative editorial operations that highlight positive initiatives. The emblematic Impact Journalism Day brings together 20 media outlets in its first year, then 40 in 2014 and finally 54 media outlets in 2018 that publish a supplementary section on solutions on the same day – illustrating that world news can be told differently. This new way of editorialising and disseminating stories is recognised in 2014 as a large-scale solution to contemporary social and environmental issues: Christian becomes an Ashoka fellow.

In the years that followed, the Sparknews team grew and chose to explore more specific themes of ecological and social transition. Solutions&Co was born during the COP21, bringing together 20 media outlets focused on business and finance to highlight climate initiatives in the corporate world. Following the success of Solutions&Co, more thematic media operations were created, including Women In Action, Rethink Health, Women in Businesses for Good, Earth Beats and 7.7 billion.

In 2016, the Sparknews team decided to use their expertise to help those who want to bring new narratives to the core of their business. The Positive Innovation Club was created, and has by now brought together more than 3,000 managers and executives who want to help move their companies in a more sustainable direction. Over the years, Sparknews has been a catalyst for action, for example at Danone, Adéo, Suez, Facebook, BNP-Paribas, Bouygues and AXA.

In 2019, Sparknews becomes B corp! The B-Corp movement brings together more than 2,500 companies committed to balancing business with a positive impact on the planet and society. It is a comprehensive commitment on social, environmental, transparency and governance criteria. Clearly, these are the companies that are trying “not to be the best IN the world but the best FOR the world.

In 2020, we launched la Fabrique des Récits! La Fabrique des Récits, is a collective that aims to raise awareness among artists and creators from all walks of life about the challenges of transition. Their creativity thus becomes a vector of messages to the general public. In particular, we offer them regular thematic events, during which they can come and nourish their inspiration, share their ideas and questions with experts, actors in the field and committed artists, and find keys to take action. We support all types of creativity, and we believe in the strength of the collective and in the emulation born of meetings between different artistic universes, driven by the same ambition to make a difference. We welcome among our members broadcasters, production companies, publishing houses, multimedia creators, communication agencies, …

Since its creation, Sparknews has strengthened its expertise to be able to help change agents bring new narratives to life within their organisations, whether they be journalists, employees, managers, organisation leaders, creators or elected officials. Over the past three years, Sparknews has designed and produced some twenty awareness-raising programmes with the media and influencers around the world and conducted more than two hundred missions, events and conferences to raise awareness among thousands of change agents. So many sparks ignited, new narratives emerged and positive action encouraged .

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Our Values

To be a team of responsible and supportive individuals by cultivating honesty and humility to build long-lasting relationships based on trust

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Drink the glass half full

Be honest without being dogmatic by combining our strong convictions with our capacity to understand each actor’s different situation

Explore a range of possibilities to best support our partners

Be demanding and ambitious to have a sustainable impact


Christian de Boisredon

Founder of Sparknews & Fellow Ashoka

Sandra de Bailliencourt

Managing Director

Sandy Arzur

Deputy Managing Director

Anissa Saudemont

Head of media programs

Kaella Kolle

Media coordinator

Audrey Jacquet

Head of editorial

Kasturi Kesar

Editorial assistant

Caroline de Chantérac

Head of 'La fabrique des récits'

Noémie Guyot

Assistant project manager 'La fabrique des récits'

Élodie Jolivet

Communication director

Alice Ellenbogen

Communication manager

Elvire Laurans

Head of Positive Innovation

Arthur Biron

Positive Innovation & Transformation Analyst

Lucas Von Thümen

Positive Innovation & Transformation Analyst

Marie Millet

Head of new programs

Thomas Fall


Laure Hennebel


Mareva Lardellier


Manon Greco

Assistant event project manager

Laetitia Videau

Office manager
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What they're saying about us

Christian de Boisredon was the speaker of one of our flagship programs for Group Transformational Leadership. The program’s goal was to support the leadership through the transformation processes they need to undertake. In this context, Christian's intervention inspired, stimulated and motivated them, showing them that inspiration, creativity, passion, commitment and determination can achieve real transformations, even when the resources are limited. It also helped them to change their perspective on the world and its possibilities! Some of the participants have even asked for him to participate in their own seminars after hearing him in ours. I therefore highly recommend Christian, who has a very positive and revitalizing impact.


To fight pollution and climate change it is necessary to join forces. This concerns journalists, too. So we’re acting in a way, we can do best: explore and share information. Progress is a consequence of knowledge.


Ce type d’initiative réunissant un panel international de quality papers économiques sur une thématique forte telle que le climat, ne peut qu’asseoir la crédibilité de nos marques. Elle ouvre par ailleurs le champ à une approche rédactionnelle multi-culturelle de l’actualité.


Le quotidien économique Les Echos a décidé de participer à ce projet éditorial avec enthousiasme avant la Conférence de Paris sur le climat. Il s’agit de montrer que les solutions ne viendront pas seulement des engagements que les Etats prendront au mois de décembre, mais aussi des projets que les acteurs économiques porteront. Contrairement à ce que l’on pense souvent, les idées concrètes fourmillent pour limiter le réchauffement climatique et imaginer une croissance plus respectueuse de l’environnement.


Partnering Solutions & Co gives Business Day Ghana the opportunity to connect with great leaders of large corporations and renowned media outlets.


Magnifique expérience de partage de solutions qui font du bien. Le concept a pris totalement sa place au sein de la Rédaction de L'Economiste. Les noms de Sparknews, IJD et Solutions & Co circulent tellement bien chez nous que nous avons intégré ces opérations dans nos stratégies et présentation du Groupe. Merci à toute l'équipe pour cette belle aventure et nous changerons le monde ensemble!


Working with Sparknews was a great experience. The stories from all over the world broadenend the horizons of our readers. They really appreciated all the input and ideas - and are looking forward to next years stories.


An insightful experience that showed that communities around the world can be united by their problems and solutions to create a better world for us all.


Fue una gran experiencia haber sido parte del IJD: en lo personal, tuve la suerte de hacerlo en 2016 a través de un artículo, luego en Ottawa con el seminario y ahora a través de la edición del suplemento impreso y el digital. Y especialmente se ve la trascendencia de este proyecto cuando nos envían la lista que refleja en qué cantidad de países ha sido publicada una nota que se hizo desde acá. Cómo un proyecto que se desarrolla en un determinado país --tal vez un proyecto pequeño incluso-- se puede volver una noticia positiva internacional y que puede despertar proyectos similares en otros lugares del mundo.


We are very glad to be part of the IJD project, because it highlights and promotes one of the aspects that most of the media randomly misses – truly positive stories that can serve as an inspiration for improvement of quality of live and society as such.


Impact Journalism Day is a significant initiative that could really help change the way we look at problems faced by millions of people. Through the partnership of different media organizations across the world, we amplify the stories of solutions that otherwise would be limited within their respective communities. IJD creates opportunities for existing solutions to be replicated and adopted in other places that face the same problems.


Portée par la vision initiale de son fondateur Christian de Boisredon et par l’énergie de sa directrice générale Sandra de Bailliencourt, Sparknews est une formidable caisse de résonnance des innovations positives à travers le monde. Après le très beau succès de son évènement phare, l’International Journalism Day, Sparknews étend son modèle avec des offres spécifique aux grandes entreprises, et nous les accompagnons avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme dans ces évolutions.


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