Tech for Good at the Positive Innovation Club London

On June 3rd, the Positive Innovation Club in London met for the fifth time at the London School of Economics. A hundred participants gathered to discover 8 social and environmental innovations. This inspiring night by Sparknews focused on the role technology plays in accelerating positive change.

Andre Angel presenting TangoTab © Rosie Clear, Sparknews

Andre Angel, a philanthropreneur (philanthropist with entrepreneur spirit) with over 24 years of global entrepreneurial and executive experience, opened the night with keynote focused on his latest achievement, TangoTab. This app simultaneously combats hunger and improves restaurant performance. Angel highlighted the need for industries to collectively tap into the social consumerism model and create value for every party involved through maximising underutilised assets.

1. Chatterbox delivers award-winning tailored language courses for professionals, taught by expert refugee coaches.

This social enterprise, Chatterbox, empowers refugees to re-enter the world of work with confidence and self-assertion. Through valuable learner/ coach exchange driven by common interests and professional backgrounds, they are breaking down barriers and tackling social prejudice head-on.

2. Yoti offers an innovative way to prove your identity and share less data.

Yoti is harnessing their digital identities technology as a force for good to reduce the identity gap in last-mile locations. In developing countries, their offline identity solution can unlock access to essential services (e.g. healthcare, banking, education) for people without current access to a reliable identification method.

Participants listening to Leo Sicouri present Yoti © Rosie Clear, Sparknews

3. RightsDD is a modern slavery risk management tool empowering organizations to tackle modern slavery in their supply chains.

RightsDD ’s integrated due diligence platform uses technology to gather and analyze data from companies, suppliers and third party sources in order to deliver modern slavery due diligence at scale. Using RightsDD, companies are able to identify hhigh-risksuppliers, manage the remediation process and report.

4. LettUsgrow is a cutting-edge technology for greenhouses and vertical farms.

This tech startup was founded in 2015 to tackle CO2 emissions, waste, ecosystem collapse and food security. They design modular, aeroponic irrigation and intelligent control technology to improve the efficiency, sustainability and ROI of indoor farming.

5. Winnow Solutions offers the most accurate and profitable way to reduce food waste in commercial kitchens enabled with AI technology.

The presentation by Winnow Solutions focused on how food waste, through a different lens, can be viewed as a huge opportunity for corporates. Winnow uses AI and machine learning to help kitchens’ analyse what is being wasted.

This technology is helping kitchens analyse their waste © Winnow Solutions

6. Dual Good Health offers VR training in First Aid, life support and more for the healthcare sector and businesses.

VR technology provides the methods to train in a cheaper and time-efficient way, immersing trainees in a real-life scenario which encourages learner participation. More knowledge retention is achieved by VR-based learning than traditional teaching methods.

7. Vault platform is the next generation of misconduct reporting for employees.

This company replaces old-fashioned protocol to report misconduct with a smart, effective solution. Vault Platform harnesses private Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to increase the levels of trust in the workplace so that misconduct cases are not just reported and resolved more effectively but reduced drastically.

This app helps you report in a timely and discrete manner © Vault Platform

All the attendees were impressed by how these companies are harnessing tech for the greater good. Many thanks to all those that came, the speakers and London School of Economics for hosting. See you at the next Positive Innovation Club event.


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