6th edition of the Positive Innovation Club in New York- making positive change actors out of customers

On May 9th, the Positive Innovation Club New York members met for the sixth time at the BNP Paribas Innovation Lab. More than a hundred executives from the business world gathered to discover organisations that have bridged the gap between customers and positive change. These initiatives are addressing today’s most daunting challenges. From creating affordable filters to securing access to safe water and protecting labour rights in supply-chain, the participants of this 6th edition proved that transforming their costumers into actors of change can lead to great results.

Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews, opening the night © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

This inspiring event by Sparknews was focused on entrepreneurship and the role entrepreneurs can play in order to accelerate positive change. The evening started by an introduction by Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews, a keynote speech by award-winning entrepreneur TeLisa Daughtry, and a pitch session by 6 entrepreneurs. Then, the attendees participated in roundtable discussions to share their expertise and ideas regarding the projects and how they could scale up.

TeLisa Daughtry, founder of FlyTechnista, opened the evening with a speech focused on the power tech plays in powering social change. This inspiring entrepreneur is fighting against the digital gender gap thanks to her mobile application. It provides women and girls with direct access to highly-curated education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities in technology. Her work fighting for diversity in the tech sector has made her one of New York City’s 50 Most Influential Women Entrepreneurs according to My Boss Tribe.

TeLisa Daughtry at Sparknews' Positive Innovation Club NYC © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

1. TemperPack’s packaging insulation that does not rely on plastic is bursting the bubble

Delivery services shipping all sorts of products are booming worldwide and this phenomenon is accompanied by mountains of bubble films and plastics foams that are non-recyclable. TemperPack has found a way to make smarter sustainable packaging a reality thanks to a recyclable packaging insulation system!

2. New Women New Yorkers is supporting women immigrants to enter the workforce

In the United States, 1 in 3 immigrant women are out of the workforce despite meeting required qualifications and educational background. New Women New Yorkers has therefore created a safe and inclusive space, through workshops, professional programs and networking events to ensure women can get a fulfilling and rewarding job.

3. Ulula: Tech fighting for labour rights across global supply chains

The images of the Rana Plaza collapse or of the recent Brumadinho dam disasters are still fresh in most people’s mind. These two catastrophes could have been avoided, if the stakeholders had taken engagement for responsible supply chain at all levels and ensured fair rights for the factory and dam workers. This is the starting observation of Ulula, a tech company that has designed a single customized platform that enables all actors of a supply chain to measure and monitor labour rights risks. From the workers to the directors, the platform centralises all critical informations to ensure transparency across the supply chain.

An example of the service offered by the platform © Ulula

4. A filter to purify water at an affordable price: FoliaWater

Jonathan Levine, cofounder of FoliaWater, has a vision : safe water accessible to all. The start-up has designed an antimicrobial filter paper that kills effectively bacterias, germs, viruses and other nocive microorganisms. Later in the evening, the start-up benefited from participants’ feedbacks on how to scale up the manufacturing of their innovative filter.

Jonathan Levine, co-founder of Folia Water, pitching his start-up's vision © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

5. Sea Defence Solutions (SEADS) has found a way to capture floating waste before they reach the seas

You may have heard of them on our recent media Earth Beats that focused on innovations that fight waste and pollution. Sea Defence Solutions has designed “Blue Barriers”, an effective way to block and collect debris that float in the river meanders. Not only do the barriers facilitate waste collection but they can also structure a waste manual sorting site and create job opportunities as the material collected can be sold once it is sorted.

Mauro Nardocci, co-founder of Sea Defence Solution at the Positive Innovation Club © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

6. Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is diverting food waste from bins to hungry mouths

In the United States, 40% of available food supply ends up in landfills according to the United States Department of Agriculture, yet millions still suffer from hunger. Robert Lee cofounded Rescuing Leftover Cuisine in order to fight simultaneously against food waste and hunger. The New-York based rescue organisation collects leftovers from students’ dining halls, restaurants and entreprises’ cafeterias and donate the food to homeless shelters. 1st Security Bank Of Washington Online Banking Login. 1st Source Bank Online Banking Login. 1st State Bank Online Banking Login. 1st Summit Bank Online Banking Login. 1st Trust Bank Online Banking Login. 1st United Bank Online Banking Login We provide step by step instructions, some background on the banks and general information to contact your bank in case you need it. 1st Colonial Community Bank Online Banking Login. 1st Community Bank Online Banking Login. 1st Constitution Bank Online Banking Login. 1st Financial Bank USA Online Banking Login1st National Bank of Texas Online Banking Login. 1st National Bank Online Banking Login. 1st National Community Bank Online Banking Login In order to coordinate the hundreds of volunteers, the organisation is using a platform to maximise their reach and action!

Robert Lee, co-founder of Rescuing Cuisine, presenting his NGO to the audience © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

The workshops between the attendees and the pitches were very constructive and hopefully they sparked some positive change spirit!

Many thanks to all the attendees, the speakers and BNP Paribas Innovation Lab for hosting once again the Club. The next New York Positive Innovation Club will happen in September, see you there!

Entrepreneurs, organiser and participants gathering up to immortalise the Positive Innovation Club's 6th evening in New York City! © Camille Losieau, Sparknews

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