Women in Action

Some major mainstream media outlets team up to sensitize their readership about women issues around the globe.

A month about solutions for women empowerment worldwide

For a month, an alliance of 10 media outlets has published articles about local innovative and replicable solutions lead by women. These women,  committed actors of change, are willing to facilitate female empowerment in the world. This operation was aimed at informing and sensitizing people on the progress made, the challenges to address and the means to succeed.

A collaborative media operation to raise awareness and find solutions

Women in Action is a collective, impact journalism operation. Sparknews has gathered an alliance of 10 large digital media (among which French Le Figaro, Indian The Hindu, Nigerian The Nation, etc.) so that each enquires and writes articles in their country about women and development. These articles are shared and translated with our partners. For this operation, Sparknews has produced content such as infographics, videos, op eds, and online quizzes. The contents produced by Sparknews is founded on observations, analysis and checked facts published by trustable organizations such as the United Nations or the OECD.

For a month, over 40 articles on themes such a women’s role in education, health, the economy and society were published. Several large organizations teamed up to amplify the operation like Graça Machel Trust, Ashoka Global, The Elders, the Global Fund for Women, MamaCash, Mary Robinson, the Cherie Blair Foundation, and l’UN Women France.

Some success stories : Kibera School For Girls and Liverpool Geek

Kibera (Kenya) is one of the largest slums in the world with one million people living on a surface such as that of Central Park. In Kibera, 43% of girls are unschooled versus 29% of boys. Kibera School for Girls (KSG) opened in 2009 and is the first elementary school in the slum. Kibera School For Girls offers to take girls out of poverty and give them access to the future they deserve thanks to a new holistic and humanistic model of education. With about 216 students, a new school opened with ten classes, rooms for shows and a theater, an auditorium and children games.

Did you know that by 2040, if the situation doesn’t change, women will represent merely 1% of the tech sector? Liverpool Geek is an organization that trains suburban Liverpool girls in digital jobs. Aside from school, the girls participate in workshops, classes, interventions and events about women in the Tech sector.


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