The Positive Innovation Club NYC, a successful 5th evening!

On February 28th, the Positive Innovation Club New York met for the fifth time at BNP Paribas Innovation Lab. More than a hundred executives from the business world were brought together to discover social entrepreneurs in various sectors, from health, design, misconduct at work, circular economy or even composting systems!

Christian de Boisredon opening the night © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

This inspiring night by Sparknews focused on the holistic role businesses can play in accelerating positive change. After a pitch session by social entrepreneurs, those latter conducted a roundtable discussion to share experiences among participants. Those are special times in small groups during which executives can bring their expertise to project leaders and vice versa.

Ron Gonen, co-founder and CEO of Closed Loop Partners, opened the night with a keynote speech focused on how business can participate in circular economy. Closed Loop Partners is an investment platform creating value across circular economy. Investors include many of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, showing that profitability can be achieved in every stage of the circular economy.

Ron Gonen delivering a keynote speech on how to involve big companies into recycling and the circular economy © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews
Here are six different ways companies can pursue positive innovation:

1. Curb My Clutter makes recycling as simple as sending a text

Curb My Clutter is a company that enables haulers and municipalities to conveniently communicate with customers via text to collect and recycle clothing and electronics.

Ron Gonen from CurbMyClutter © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

2. Vault Platform is tackling misconduct at work

The Vault Platform, launched by Neta Meidav, is an app that uses blockchain technology to record, report and resolve misconduct at work.

Screenshot of the home-screen of the Vault Platform © Vault Platform

3. Loop Closing is bringing recycling infrastructures to cities

Loop Closing is bringing on-site composting in cities, by diverting urban food waste from landfills. The company is successfully reducing greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, pest, and odor nuisances.

Jeffrey Neal presenting his company, Loop Closing © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

4. ClixMedix, a mhealth platform that delivers quality healthcare to all

Ting Shih founded ClickMedix, a company that connect healthcare professionals and patients in 20+ countries with specialist doctors around the world. The company has already trained over 2,000+ health professionals and improved over 350,000 lives. Stereotypes are tough in many areas. In our time, it is not uncommon to read in the newspapers that women are still reluctant to take up jobs that are described as masculine. And yet, sociologist Alain Touraine announces that the 21st century will belong to women. Read more at .

ClickMedix connects patients and doctors worldwide © ClickMedix

5. Braceletote, an example on how to design for sustainability

Amer Jandal has designed the Braceletote: a tote bag that folds up and becomes a bracelet. This object is a symbol that goes to show that zero waste can always be at hand!

6. Tent is redefining how companies can address the refugee crisis

Yaron Schartz from Tent shared his idea on how their business coalition that includes companies like Google, Ikea, Airbnb and many more is forging innovative solutions to this global challenge!

Yaron Schwartz from Tent giving insight on the work of the company © Gaspar Villard, Sparknews

The discussions between business people and social entrepreneurs were fruitful. Thanks to all the participants for this great evening as well as the help in organizing it. For your next dose of innovation: the Positive Innovation Club in Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong are planned during 2019!

Participants and speakers at the Positive Innovation Club New-York © Camille Loiseau, Sparknews

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