Every day, all over the world, unknown men and women innovate to build a world where sustainability and profit are compatible, inclusive democracy is restored, citizens from all over the world have access to education, healthcare and appropriate food, men and women have the same rights, and climate change is controlled. More and more organizations are working to bring local solutions to complex problems and help social entrepreneurs and associations to have a stronger voice (such as Skoll Foundation, Ashoka, Impact Hub, One Young World Summit, etc.).

Companies join the movement

To invest in or accelerate their approaches, these innovative initiatives sometimes develop links to lager traditional companies. For these major companies, this is an occasion to explore new ways to create value and think together about how to develop more virtuous products. Since Impact Journalism Day is the day to celebrate innovative projects for a better world, we want to take the time to also appreciate the long-term partnerships that help positive impact projects grow and reach their goals . At Sparknews, we are confident that these partnerships will bloom the most beautiful projects. We are therefore thrilled to introduce you to some projects supported by the companies we are partnering with on Impact Journalism Day.

Rongead and SUEZ Foundation : replace coal with cashew nut shells

The CAJOUVALOR project in Rongead is a great example of waste recovery to solve the challenges of soil and air pollution, as well as deforestation. In partnership with the Cefrepade, Rongead has developed a technology for energy recovery from cashew nuts. From waste, the cashew nut shell, a pyrolysis reactor called “H2CP” (High Calorific Cashew Pyrolyser) creates fuel. Production is divided into two types of fuel: pyrolysis gas, including a boiler, and Biochar for domestic or professional use, distributed in the form of wafers to local people as a replacement for charcoal (from unmanaged and threatened forests). Winner of the 2016 SUEZ-Institute of France Prize, Rongead received a grant of € 50,000 to develop and expand its innovation. This prize is awarded every two years to projects and innovations that contribute to the development of water, sanitation and waste management services in developing countries.

Instants Africains and Société Générale : talk about African entrepreneurship differently

Instants Africains (African Moments) is a blog dedicated to women and men who put their entrepreneurial spirit at the service of the African dynamism. Edith Yah Brou, Diane Audrey Ngako, Florent Youzan and Jean-Marc André share their encounters with inspiring African figures. The goals are clear: to highlight African energy and dynamism from the words of those who shape the continent today and will tomorrow; nurture the confidence and entrepreneurial spirit of African youth; and inspire as many people as possible to share initiatives and experiences. As Diane Audrey Ngako describes her mission: “the time of a cup of tea or coffee, we will inspire generations to believe in themselves and their potential by discovering committed and inspiring profiles”. Gathering on one website and giving voice to the pan-African community and these beautiful projects meets Societe Generale’s ambition to work alongside companies and entrepreneurs in Africa. Featured in our favorite portraits: Roméo Dou, the Ivorian microbiologist who raises earthworms to produce a 100% organic fertilizer based on agricultural residues and Patricia Zoundi, who rethinks money transfers in rural areas.

Les Écoles de Production (Production Schools) and Total : get rid off classrooms

Learning an employable skill: sometimes practical learning is more valuable than academic studies. The Ecoles de Production (Production Schools) offers youth from 15 to 18 years old vocational training based on a “do-to-learn” pedagogy. Students learn to do a job by manufacturing products or offering services to meet real customer needs. This new learning method favors the professional integration of young people in great difficulty who have followed the traditional education system. The National Federation of Production Schools (FNEP) aims to have 100 production schools in France within 10 years, which implies creating around 8 per year. In addition to long-term financial support to the FNEP to accelerate the development of Production Schools in France, Total is committed to developing traineeship by recruiting 1,500 trainees each year at the various sites of the company across France (equivalent to about 5% of its workforce in the country).

Qu’est-ce qu’on fait and ADEME (What do we do) : infographics that make you want to take action

How to better heat our homes, the difficulties of nomophobia (or fear of being separated from your smartphone), how much our day-to-day routine weighs on the environment: Qu’est-ce qu’on fait or qqf (What do we do) is an online and print media that questions the major global issues of today and tomorrow. Vaikų vasaros anglų kalbos stovyklos vaikams Kaune, Klaipėdoje ir Vilniuje For topics that are very much discussed but not often understood, such as the environment, food, consumption, health, animal treatment, or societal issues, the site uses a fun format to present these issues: infographics. These are systematically composed of two parts: firstly an explanation of the issue at stake, then the “What do we do” section that provides solutions, courses of action and concrete alternatives. The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is a public institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Development and Innovation. This structure contributes to the implementation of public policies in the areas of environment, energy and sustainable development.

Impact Journalism Day: Let’s celebrate local solutions to global issues

To learn more about the great issues of our world and discover more solutions, practice with the Impact Journalism Day quiz and discover 50+ solutions in international media outlets around the world on June 16!


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