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Impact Journalism Movement: a series of media programmes based on collaborative journalism
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Impact Journalism Movement

The Impact Journalism Movement (IJM) is a movement of news media outlets who want to go beyond the simple observation of problems to focus on solutions, through a series of programmes based on collaborative journalism. Concretely, alliances of 15 to 20 leading news media from around the world team up to publish articles about local solutions—and their impact on the envrionment and people—tackling global issues for a more sustainable future.

With a network of more than 100 media in various fields (generalist, business, innovation, etc.), on print, online and TV, we have developed a strong expertise in finding the best positive initiatives addressing the most pressing issues. Before Impact Journalism Movement, our historical media programme was Impact Journalism Day, which gathered 50 leading news media to publish on the same day solutions-oriented articles about local initiatives tackling global challenges. Some of our partners: El Pais, Le Figaro, Asahi Shimbun, Les Echos, Der Spiegel, SRF, Corriere della Sera, The Hindu, The Philppine Star, Al Masry Al-Youm, L’Économiste, The CS Monitor, The Nation…

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How does it work?

The media partners choose the solutions that they want to cover and send their articles to Sparknews.

After a brief editorial back and forth, Sparknews puts all the articles in a “pool” only open to the media alliance.

The media partners send to Sparknews the list of articles from the “pool” that they want to publish.

All the media partners publish the articles at their own pace over the same publication period.

Positive innovation spreads around the world, engage readers more and can trigger replication elsewhere.

What’s in it for me?

1. An alliance of like-minded media committed to spreading solutions for a sustainable future.

2. Free access to more than 20 solutions-oriented articles from across the globe.

3. More reader engagement and impact with a constructive approach to global issues.

How can you join the movement?

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