mai, 2018

10maialldayWomen's Forum - Canada 2018


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Bridging the gap: A call to the G7 for inclusive progress

The G7 is a uniquely influential coalition for decision-making and policy alignment among the world’s leading economies. It has a powerful influence on the shape and direction of global solutions, whether through the policy frameworks it chooses to apply, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or through the specific issues it chooses to address, like the end of malaria and tuberculosis. Thus, the G7’s leaders know they need to listen to diverse voices in order to make their deliberations as inclusive as possible.

With disruption and division dominating headlines, the bloc has never been more important. The issues at stake on their agenda – inclusive growth, jobs for the future, women’s empowerment, climate change and security – require urgent action to engage for impact and break out of outdated patterns and mindsets that stymie progress. We believe that women can provide the innovative views, perspectives and daring leadership that are needed to bridge humanity’s challenges and return the world’s economies to the path of stability, security and inclusive human progress.

Women’s Forum Canada will gather 1,000 leaders from the G7 countries, North America and beyond to reflect and react to the topics on the G7’s agenda. Grounded in potential solutions and actions, Women’s Forum Canada will offer a distinct view of how to bridge the gaps in an increasingly divided world – between developed and emerging economies, between the private and public sectors, between men and women, between the included and the excluded. It will challenge the G7 not just to take on the issue of gender equality but to unlock the transformative potential of women’s leadership with the goal of having an impact on decision-makers. Will the G7 dare to listen?


mai 10 (Jeudi) - 11 (Vendredi)


Toronto, Canada


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