avril, 2019

23avralldaySustainable Brands Paris 2019


Détails de l'événement

France is the 4th multinational power on the planet, following the US, China and Japan. Paris is the hometown of 8 of the 100 most powerful global brands, with Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Axa, L’Oréal, Danone, Cartier, Dior and Moët & Chandon. It is also the second European Hub for Commerce, and the first for Fast Growing Tech Companies, according to the Financial Times.

Paris has been crowned in 2017 the European capital of Innovation. With over three dozen startup incubators, including the world’s largest, Paris has become Europe’s innovation capital. The new strategy of the french government and of Paris’ Mayor is pushing sustainable innovation two, and several of the most powerful networks of makers and game-changers have their roots in Paris (MakeSense, OuiShare, INCO, …).

Paris also hosted the international Climate conference (COP21), which gave the so-called Paris Agreement.. Paris’ Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, chairs the C40, Climate Cities Leadership Group. Paris will also host the 2024 edition of the Olympics, the most sustainable and socially inclusive Olympics ever.

Find a Way Forward in a Changing Landscape
For brands to remain competitive amidst a changing landscape, they must evolve with new generations of consumers. The Sustainable Brands community is already testing new frameworks, tools and partnerships to ensure purpose-driven brands outperform traditional ones in delivering tangible results.

SB’19 Paris kicks off a global showcase of brands who are embodying the spirit of balance and simplicity by redesigning product and service offerings toward new societal aspirations of The Good Life. Dive into a thoughtfully curated list of exemplary case studies, discover innovation frameworks and practical tools, and find new partners to deliver on your goals.

Seize this opportunity to accelerate both brand loyalty and profitability with 3,000+ participants from 30+ countries, 300+ expert speakers, 100+ sponsors and partners, an interactive expo called the Activation Hub, plus 12 conference tracks.


avril 23 (Mardi) - 25 (Jeudi)


Paris, France