avril, 2019

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It is urgent to act.
The increasing amount of manmade waste and chemical contamination on our planet represents a growing threat to all the living species’ survival, including mankind. We have created over 6.3 billions of plastic waste since its invention, currently sitting in dumpsters or in the ocean, polluting our most important natural resources: soil and water. Highly contaminating e-waste gets rarely recycled, even though extracting news minerals from the Earth to create our electronics is extremely resource consuming. Chemicals involved in industrial processes and fossil fuels burning are inexorably damaging our rivers, our arable lands and the air we breathe. Pesticides have decimated insect’s populations, vital to human survival. More people than ever die from causes linked to air pollution. WWF’s Living Planet Report 2018 recorded an overall decline of 60% in species population sizes between 1970 and 2014, as well as an 83% reduction of fresh water in the same time frame.

Yet people all over the world have found impactful solutions to address these issues, aiming to prevent further damage to our planet and to preserve human and other species’ lives.

Sparknews’ goal is to show audiences all over the world that addressing waste and pollution issues is not only urgent: it is possible. It is happening. But it needs to happen faster.

Together, we can stop intoxicating our planet and ourselves.



15 (Lundi) 10:00 pm - 26 (Vendredi) 10:00 pm