Production of white books with digital and print diffusion

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Production of white books with digital and print diffusion

To go further in the reflexion on transversal themes of Sparknews action, we produce white books compiling innovative projects to explain innovative projects to spotlight as well as expert views.

Conceived, formatted and distributed by Sparknews, these white books provide 360° approaches to the major challenges of our times. These publications are diffused by our supports, involved in media alliances as well as online, under the form of an e-book. Print versions are also available during events as well as internally, with our partner companies.

Solutions&Co is a media operation brought by a 20-media-economic-press alliance inclusive of China’s Yicai Global, France’s Les Echos, the UK’s Financial Times, India’s Hindu Business Line…). Each year, a white book is dedicated to the chosen theme. The circular economy in 2017, sustainable cities in 2016.

Towards the circular economy - Solutions&Co 2017

To go further in the reflexion upon the circular economy, we have selected the most memorable articles from the 2017th edition of Solutions&Co. We added contributions from the primary experts on the circular economy (Walter Stahel, William McDonough) as well as a concrete example of companies that are moving away from the linear model (Patagonia’s Ryan Gellert, Danone’s Jean-Christophe Laugée, for instance). This publication represents an original collaborative approach. For the first time, the principal economic newspapers in the world and top global experts in the public and private sector have gathered to present the most promising innovations on the circular economy. It provides a 360° vision, with worldwide examples, to show that the circular economy is not utopian but an existing reality.


Heading towards sustainable cities - Solutions&Co 2016

This unique collection focuses on private and public actors of sustainable development, with contributions such as that of Mary Robinson, Ellen MacArthur, Anne Hidalgo ou Jean-Louis Chaussade. The goal is to spotlight the most promising innovations that make cities more sustainable and to illustrate the way in which stakeholders can collaborate to achieve success in this area.


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