Listing innovative and coherent solutions based on their activity sector

Actions / Listing innovative and coherent solutions based on their activity sector

Listing innovative and coherent solutions based on their activity sector

Socially and environmentally impactful projects that we list in our database develop links with traditional companies to increase their impact. For these businesses, it is about supporting new ways to create value and think collectively about developing more virtuous goods. Listing these initiatives and putting them forward in partner companies is the occasion for Sparknews to foster long-term partnerships for a positive transformation of all the actors of the co-creation economy.

Identify the right social innovations for companies' challenges

For our media operations, we perform monitoring on social innovation topics as well as recurring calls for application. This monitoring fuels our 4,000+ international projects database – listed according to theme and innovation, inspiration, replicability and impact criteria. We put this database at the service of companies and perform “bespoke” innovation mapping missions for them. Our goal is to spot the right social innovations for their challenges. These inspiring projects fuel company members that are willing to rock companies from within.


Some innovative projects listed and presented to Société Générale

We research in our database some positive, impactful projects that could create coherent synergies with companies, according to set criteria and needs. We mobilize as well the right bridgings aming hundreds of experts and specifiers in our network. In 2017, Société Générale wanted to inspire their collaborators by bringing to their knowledge some positive innovations in the fields of education, vulnerable populations, agriculture, and the circular economy. Thanks to monthly monitoring that lasted six months, we presented them a total of 40 projects in specific geographic areas. The results were communicated to the innovation and social and environmental responsibility services of the group.

Energaware is a project we presented to Société Générale. This game aims at teaching to social housing residents how to save energy at home. The protagonist is a kitten, and the user interface reminds that of the game The Sims. Energaware enables players to progress only if they fulfill energetic efficacity missions that were assigned to them.

The Hard Yard, is another UK-based, listed project. Inmates are generally in great physical shape, with particular fitness skills despite the absence of equipment in jails. As the chances of finding a job with a criminality record slim down, The Hard Yard was started by a Penal Justice graduate. The company trains and hires former prisoners to become fitness instructors so that they can reintegrate society.

The #PositiveImpact card to discover Vivatechnology under the angle of TechforGood

Innovative solutions’ sourcing is not only for companies. We operate as well on events such as Vivatechnology, where we have identified all the Tech for Good projects of the fair. With over 5,000 startups, 400 international speakers and 1,000 investors, Vivatechnology emerges as the meeting point for innovators and different actors within new technologies. So that big data, the internet of objects, artificial intelligence or even connected objects contribute to solving the challenges of our times, Sparknews teams up with the salon to spotlight the startups that mix profit and the common good. We reunite the whole socially and environmentally impactful startup environment, evaluate them then classify them based on their Sustainable Development Objective. The top 45 innovative startups with the best social impact are then integrated into our #PositiveImpact card. A schedule with the high points for #PositiveImpact enables to visitors as well to spot TechforGood conferences. This printed plan is distributed in 10,000 copies at the fair’s entrance, during the three whole three days so that thousands of visitors discover the salon under a Tech for Good point of view.

Top innovative social entrepreneurs are put to the forth in engaging and pedagogic interviews. These inspiring contents price tech for good startups beyond the salon. They are mentioned by Les Echos Start, Positiv’R and WeDemain.


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