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Impact Journalism Day

Every year, 50 among the best-known media outlets worldwide gather to spotlight innovations by men and women who work for a better world at Impact Journalism Day.

An international day to sensitize about Sustainable Development

Impact Journalism Day is an international day to sensitize about Sustainable Development Goals and concrete solutions linked to them. We reunite international media outlets for the publication of a supplement about positive initiatives.

A positive innovation ecosystem all over the world

During a call for projects, we list over 1,000 initiatives worldwide and suggest a selection of them to our 50 media partners. About 60 articles are then written about these projects and relayed in the newspapers’ supplements. This program is supported by a whole influencers’ ecosystem – among which the Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres, Muhammad Yunus, Arianna Huffington, Pierre Rabhi, Jaha Mapenzi Dukureh, Nicolas Hulot, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Jeffrey Sachs and Reza – , major institutions such as the United Nations Development Programme and companies like Société Générale, l’ADEME, SUEZ and Total. They all share our vision: “To change the world, let’s start by changing the way we speak about it, restoring optimism and trust, triggering the will to act!”. The Manifesto Share Stories of Change  4,000+ signatories have joined their position and commit to share the stories of those who change the world. During the six precedent editions, this media operation has enabled the presented projects to increase their visibility, their credibility, and also to replicate abroad and to get funding.

Media outlets are not the only ones able to act. Everyone can share inspiring initiatives with their acquaintances. To foster this movement, artists from 7 different nationalities from the Team Spi Rythm collective have united their voices, their cultures and their disciplines to create an video announcement for Impact Journalism Day called An Entire Story. On June 16th, these inspiring projects are celebrated online and during events. For the 6th edition, we created a 10 questions quiz, How well do you know the world you live in? on the big challenges of Sustainable Development Goals. It aims at informing on the real advancements of humanity on topics such as deforestation, tackling poverty or gender equality. Each answer is presented as a concrete project committed to each cause and mediatized on Impact Journalism Day. It is available in three languages, 19,000 people already learnt while having fun.

Feelif, Kutumbita et Bio Phyto Collines: some success stories

On the 2017 edition of Impact Journalism Day, Le Figaro dedicated an article to Feelif, a touchscreen allowing the blind to use digital devices. This slovenian project opens new horizons in terms of learning, entertainment, communication, and online content-creation. A Le Figaro reader, Dr. Evgen Bavčar, organized the participation of Feelif to the Days of Study of new technologies of information and communication for visual deficient people.

In 2017 again, a report about Kutumbitawas written by The Daily Star (Bangladesh)and then published by nine media outlets such as Tages Anzeiger (Switzerland), Straits Times (Singapore) and Le Figaro (France). The ready to wear industry employs over 4 millions people in Bangladesh, in sometimes despicable conditions. This app was created to educate workers about their rights, enabling them to gather information on safety standards, to file complaints and to access emergency services. Originally used by 13,000 workers in three factories, it was then diffused in other areas of Bangladesh following the publication of the article.

On the other side of the world, Bio Phyto Collines is a social enterprise from Benin that produces organic, enviornment-friendly and health-conscious farm inputs with local resources such as Neem. The products are accessible and cheap, which allows small producers to use them to improve their agricultural yield. Dure to its participation in Impact Journalism Day, the Bio Phyto Collines team was reached out by German group GreenTec Capital Partnerswhich has then invested 500,000$ on the project and enabled them to set a distribution network in the Ivory Coast.

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Just a quick note to thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be featured in global newspapers.  It's such a wonderful initiative that you have been working on, and for sure we are grateful for your support. We received great feedback from the coverage and many people were made more aware of the work that we do. Many thanks once again!


We followed the press coverage and it's simply amazing ! We're very proud that the Clickfunding has been selected by Sparknews and we surely believe having such articles will help us to raise awareness on our business and social impact.


This is incredible. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We enjoyed the coverage and, more importantly, the dialogue it created. Thank you!


All of us at A New Vision would like to thank you tremendously for giving us the opportunity to be featured in IJD this year. It was the best international exposure we've had. Thank you


Cela nous aura permis d’utiliser (enfin !) les réseaux sociaux et de booster le lancement de certains projets. De fait, nous avons été mis en contact avec des Cambodgiens intéressés pour répliquer PROPLAST. Tout cela est donc très positif, merci SPARKNEWS !


C'est avec un grand plaisir que je lis cette bonne nouvelle de médiatisation grandiose de notre modeste projet et je tiens personnellement à vous remercier et à travers votre personne tous ceux qui ont contribué à la réussite de cet événement.


Suite à la diffusion de l’article sur Pristem j’ai de nombreux retours de distributeurs potentiels ou de personnes qui aimeraient collaborer au projet ! L’union fait la force, mais la communication est capitale pour réunir les personnes qui partagent une même vision ! Merci !

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