Positive Innovation Club: networking for those who want to change their companies from within

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Actions / Positive Innovation Club: networking for those who want to change their companies from within

Positive Innovation Club: networking for those who want to change their companies from within



Club events take place once every 2 months, bringing corporate decision-makers together with inspiring project leaders and innovators in order to create synergies for a positive impact.

The Positive Innovation Club gathers top executives who are committed to changing things from within in major companies (L’Oréal, Suez, AXA, LVMH, Orange, Sanofi, Total, l’ADEME, Lagardère, etc.), and inspiring project leaders. These bimonthly events allow people who want to reconcile business and meaning to meet up and to exchange, developing more inclusive and sustainable approaches within their corporations. We believe that positive transformation doesn’t involve only one job or position but women and men with a strong willingness to trigger change. We try to give them the means find inspiration, connect with one another and to act.

An optimism and inspiration fix

Every two months, a 100 top executives gather to get an inspiration fix, discover initiatives and share their experience for other to become change-triggering-individuals. The Club’s event format is relatively consistent: a keynote speaker, a social entrepreneur’s or surprising intrapreneur’s pitching session, an ideation workshop and finally a cocktail party to keep inspired conversations going. Positive Innovation Club’s members are inspired by the guest of honor who shares insights and helps them taking some distance. Social entrepreneurs’ and large corporations’ partners’ allow spotting novel ideas and sincere testimonies. Workshops on a small group scale also represent a valuable opportunity to share about how to come up with solutions to given issues. Finally, the cocktail party triggers peer-to-peer networking and meeting positive innovation actors in a laid-back setting.

At the heart of a unique ecosystem made up of companies’ CEOs, the media and innovators, the Positive Innovation Club supplies connections, co-creation, sharing and promoting. Discussed themes vary from circular economy to zero waste, as well as the blue economy, new organizational models and Tech for Good. Pitching sessions are inspiration occasions and, for entrepreneurs, they represent occasions to submit their ideas to committed executives from larger businesses.

Local clubs and thematics to go further in positive innovation

Since 2018, the Club for Innovation exports itself out of Paris’ walls. Events in London, Hong-Kong, and NYC allow the consistent creation of further connections around positive innovation. This development is made possible thanks to committed partners: BNP Paribas in NYC, Palo IT in Hong-Kong, the lab for Innovation and co-creation from London School of Economics (ICCLab) in London.

Sparknews is convinced that the cooperation between research, industry and social entrepreneurship will permit to access this movement, therefore we launched in cooperation with SoScience a Science and Positive Innovation Club. As businesses are called to respond to worldwide social and environmental challenges, we need Science more than ever. Science being a mainstay of corporations’ growth, it has to be the driving force of this transformation coherently with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These events are aimed at giving meaning and impact on public and private research’s endeavors while accelerating social entrepreneurship’s novelties. Dedicated to R&D directors, IT and CSR of larger companies and specialists of the valorization of research institutes.

A collective creation: the migrating manager's path

Out of the moments of inspiration, meetings, and conversations that have taken place within the Positive Innovation Club, a guidebook of a particular kind was released. Positive transformation: what does this expression actually mean? For the Club members “positive transformation” covers all these actions that have an environmental or social effect while still seeking economic profit. Still rather vague? So what are we actually talking about? What’s up with companies? The migrating manager’s path can be read online.


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