Makesense launches its festival: 4 innovative solutions that crossed our path

On April 14, 2018, Sparknews went to the MakeSense festival in La Bellevilloise, Paris. This first edition, spread over a day and a night, aimed to raise awareness and gather all the stake-holders: a mix of artists, entrepreneurs, NGOs and young citizens around the project to change the world and innovative solutions.

#migrants: Causons (Let's chat), migrants as language instructors

Causons is a NGO wanting to overcome language barrier. It promotes linguistic and cultural exchange, on the model of Abraço Cutural in Brazil.

The courses are taught by migrant and refugee teachers trained and paid by the association. It is also about recognizing the skills, knowledge and culture of these instructors. Cultural activities are also regularly organized to celebrate the community’s members cultures and countries of origin.

At the festival, we could learn to write very simple words in Arabic. To become a volunteer or take further courses, you can contact the association at

#alimentation: AGORAé, solidarity groceries for students

Small budget often comes with junk food. To ensure that everyone can feed themselves properly, the AGORAé are solidarity grocery stores for students in need. With prices set at 10% of those charged in the mass-market, filling a basket costs 3 or 4 euros. Biocycle is supplying the AGORAé of Paris in organic and fresh products, unsold food professionals: shops, restaurants, canteens …

Imagined by the general association of Paris’ students (Agep) within the Federation of General Student Associations (FAGE), an AGORAé exists for 6 years at the University of Lyon (Rhône) and a new grocery store has just opened at the faculty of Paris-Diderot. You can discover an article of the Mouv ‘on this project and if it resonates with you, become a volunteer!

#digitalinclusion: Les Astroliens, introducing the Internet to seniors

Create intergenerational link while reducing the digital divide? This is the goal of Les Astroliens, an association where volunteers aged 17 to 25 support people over 70 in discovering the digital galaxy. Indeed our elders are sometimes helpless with digital even if it could improve their lives with tools like Skype or basic information search on Google. Launched in Paris and Normandy, the association is in full expansion.

For young volunteers, investing in this NGO usually leads to rich human encounters and a rise in skills, particularly on pedagogical issues. Fill out this simple form and you can become a volunteer!

#climatechange: Happyculteur, saving biodiversity one bee at a time

Did you know that bees are the central link in preserving our biodiversity? Of the 100 plant species that provide 90% of the world’s food, over 70% depend on bees for pollination. Yet because of the decline of flowering plants, insecticides or air pollution, a report from the UN alarmed in 2011 of their number in freefall.

The association Happyculteur brings together citizens and bees. To raise awareness of the importance of the role of bees and other pollinators in our environment, being happyculteur means developing a responsible, playful and accessible urban apiculture! To ask for help with the installation of a hive on your roof, nothing is simpler.

After these 20 hours of live concerts, 100 speakers and speakers, games and exhibitions, all we have to do is hope for a second edition of the MakeSense festival to create inspiration and commitment together!


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