Inside Out Project

For a more inclusive and altogether better world,
let’s put our gender lenses on!

As part of our Towards Equality programme, which recently brought together a coalition of 15 media outlets from across the world to highlight challenges and solutions to reach gender equality, we are excited to share with you our most recent gender equality-focused project: the Towards Equality Inside Out Action!

Final step to a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness around gender equality issues ahead & during the Generation Equality Forum, this new collaborative project draws together artists & changemakers from across the world to celebrate those who, as put in the words of UN Women Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, “are championing gender equality” everywhere.

Created in collaboration with the artistic team of the Inside Out Project (launched by artist JR in 2011), this art project brings to the streets of Paris 62 portraits of women and men who come from very diverse horizons but share a common goal to make our dreams of a more gender-equal future a reality.

The joint effort furthermore welcomed the contribution of Rattaplax Films’ director Ram Devineni and Priya’s Shakti illustrator Connie Orjuela: using augmented reality, they created a dimension where the dichroic and minimalistic universe of Inside Out Project collides with a more colourful, Marvel / pop-art-themed universe, through which some of the gender equality champions featured in the exhibition take a new form.

Set up only meters away from the emblematic Eiffel Tower, the street-art installation was put up during a collective pasting on July 2nd 2021, just in front of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) in Paris – a location which is symbolic as it is the seat for numerous consultative assemblies to discuss key economic, social and sustainability issues in France. For those of you who are in Paris, we highly encourage you to go see the actual exhibition in front of the CESE until July 12th !

Art and illustration are powerful mediums to carry a message in the public space. With this Towards Equality visual campaign, we are hoping to engage many people on the topic of gender equality in their everyday lives, and create a snowball effect for more action-taking towards gender equality.

Discover the secret of the exhibition

1. Download the EyeJack App on

2. Open it, swipe left to use the app’s camera and scan this QR code. Wait until the download is complete.

3. Using the EyeJack app, scan this portrait to unlock what is hiding behind with Augmented Reality!

The Gender Equality Champions

Among all the people in the exhibition, 11 have an alternative portrait made by Connie Orjuela, including her own. Will you be able to find them?

Adeline Pilon
Co-founder & managing director of the ELYX foundation in France, which heps public and private entities translate their commitments to SDGs into concrete actions — including the commitment to achieving gender equality.

Alexandra Topping
Senior reporter at The Guardian, experienced panel host, public speaker, equality and diversity expert.

Alexia Lerond
Founder and director of the association Elle Cætera, which facilitates the provision of assistance to victims of sexist & sexual violence, for example using a chatbot capable of comforting and guiding internet users to relevant services.

Alisha Gupta
Reporter and gender expert, she covers politics, business, technology, health and culture through the gender lens for The New York Times. She co-writes the newsletter “In Her Words

Ana Requena
Editor-in-chief for the gender section at El Diario Spain, she wrote a fascinating article on the role that museums and other places of culture can play in the fight to achieve equality between women and men, which can be found in the series of articles #TowardsEquality.

Anastasia Mikova
Journalist & filmaker, she co-directed with Yann-Arthus Bertrand the moving film ‘Woman‘, which gives voice to 2000 women across 150 countries in an attemp to see the world through a woman’s eyes

Angela Boldrini Nogueira
Diversity editorial reporter for Folha De Sao Paolo (Brazil), she wrote about Mãos Empenhadas Contra a Violência (Hands Committed Against Violence), a programme which trains beauticians and babers to identify victims of domestic violence and provide them with adequate help in Brazil, in an article published as part of #TowardsEquality.

Anna Maheu
She coordinated a special edition of the trade magazine la Tribune Fonda titled “Equality between Women and Men: a democratic requirement”. Through means of various interviews, review articles and projects reporting, she looked into how civil society, and particularly NGOs, commit to gender equality.

Aram Shakerm
Iraq Country Director at Women for Women International, Aram has often intevened in contexts of humantarian crises and personally partook in aid grassroot activities targeted at women and children. He has led various projects in support of women’s economic empowerment in remote areas of Iraq.

Athandiwe Saba
Editor-in-Chief & founder of the data desk at the South African journal the Mail & Guardian, she put forward two innovative stories for the #TowardsEquality collaborative publication: the initiative Quote This Woman, which tackles the underrepresentation of women in the media, and the start-up Yalu, which offers entrepreneurs in search for financement with credit life insurances.

Aurelie Salvaire
Founder of the Think Tank Shift Balance, a community dedicated to renewing the dialogue around feminist issues and to maintaining & reviving interest in achieving a gender-balanced society.

Brita Fernandez Schmidt
Executive director at Women for Women International UK, a non-for-profit organization which helps war and conflict survivors by accompanying them in their post-conflict reconstruction.

Bruno Vinay
Former Managing Director of the Women’s Forum , the leading international platform committed to making the voices of women heard in international discussions around key economic, environmental, social, societal stakes

Carine Troussel
Head coordinator at Quartier du Monde headquarters, an international charitable organization which promotes civic engagement, gender equality and intercultural dialogue through various projects carried out with girls, women, boys and men among multiethnic communities.

Carolin Ollivier
Editor-in-chief of the news broadcast Arte, as part of #TowardsEquality, her team investigated the question of parity in the context of French regional elections, and reported on some initiatives that are boosting womens’access to leadership positions.

Caroline Mécary
Lawyer at the Paris and Quebec bar associations, she was the first to defend the rights of same sex couples to civic marriage in 1990s France.

Charles Cohen
Co-founder of the startup ‘Bodyguard‘, he created an algorithm that is capable of identifying hateful comments almost in real time, a powerful tool to support the fight against cyber-bullying.

Christian Tanyi
Founder and president of the ‘Lukmef Foundation‘, a NGO that combats gender-based violence and discriminations, and promotes the well-being and empowerment of women in Cameroon.

Colile Mashaba
District Coordinator of the South African branch of the organization Mothers2Mothers, she works on the front line with pregnant women and young mothers to prevent the mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Connie Orjuela
Committed Colombian artist, they illustrated the 11 beautiful pop-art cartoon characters that can be found in this #TowardsEquality fresque of portraits using Eye Jack

Cornélia Laurence Glele
President of association EcranBenin (translates to Screen Bénin) and activist, she is currently organising a film festival to screen films created by women, whihc will take place in Bénin in 2021

Douglas Mendoza
Director of the programme Masculinities at Puntos de Encuentro in Nicaragua, and co-founder of Men Engage in Latin America, he raises awareness and involves men in the fight against gender-based discriminations.

Emilie Sueur
Editor-in-Chief of the Lebanese daily newspaper L’Orient Le Jour, one of the partnering media of the #TowardsEquality programme, which stands out from the crowd for being particularly engaged in the fight for more freedom of speech and for promoting an open and pluralistic vision of society.

Fatima Ouassak
Founder of the association Le Front des Mères (the Mothers’ Front), a union of parents who are leading a green, feminist and antiracist project, to fight off the violence, various discriminations and injustices experienced by children.

Florian Mollard-Coulon
Head of media operations and coordinator of the Towards Equality prorgramme at Sparknews, he successfully convinced over 15 redactions and hundreds of journalists throughout the world to cover the news through the lens of gender.

Francesca Donner
Director of the Gender Initiative at The New York Times, she covers the news through the prism of gender. She is also the editor-in-chief of ‘In Her Words’, the NYT biweekly newsletter focusing on women, parity and society.

Gary Barker
CEO and founder of Promundo, the NGO that promotes positive masculinities, and invites men and boys to get involved in the pursuit for more gender equality and in the fight against all forms of violence.

Hauwa Ojeifo
Young activist, she raises awareness about mental health among the Nigerian general public, in a cultural context which often still stigmatizes mental health issues. In 2016, she founded the NGO ‘She Writes Woman‘, to provide people in need of assistance with a helpine and safe spaces.

Joni van de Sand
Originally from the Netherlands, she co-directs the Global MenEngage Alliance, which reaches out to boys and men internationally and encourages them to become allies of the fight for more gender equality

Julia Heres Garcia
Head of mission ‘Gender Expert’ at ‘Les Expertes‘: a database by the Egae Group, which lists all female scientists, business executives, organization founders and heads of institutions, as the means to allowing women more visibility and thus, countering their underrepresentation in scientific and political debates.

Julie Heinz
Independant communications consultant she has worked for various international organizations, and was head of advocacy for Barefoot International: an organization which trains and empowers women from rural aread in India, Madagascar and in numerous other countries, through projects that focus on addressing poverty and building community resilience in the face of natural disasters.

Kavita Bundelkhandi
Co-founder of Khabar Lahariya, she is also the lead editor of Chambal Media, an Indian newspaper that covers local news through the lens of gender, thanks to a network of rural women who were trained to do journalism.

Kaya Sy
Advocacy officer for Equipop in Senegal, an organization that promotes education and civic engagement to secure the good health and rights of girls and women in West African coutnries.

Lauriane Delanoë
Lead on the project Les Expertes from the Group Egae: the database which lists all female scientists, business executives, organization founders and heads of institutions, as the means to allowing women more visibility and thus, countering their underrepresentation in scientific and political debates.

Laurianne Desquesses
Advocacy officer at Global Health Advocates, an organization which advocates with political agencies in France and at the European level to eliminate inequalities in access to health

Laurie Adams
President-general director of Women for Women International, a non-for-profit organization which helps war and conflict survivors by accompanying them in their post-conflict reconstruction, using microcrediting and community-building initiatives focused on empowering women.

Laxman Belbase
Social worker and activist particurly committed to pushing foward gender equality and children rights, he co-directs the Global MenEngage Alliance, which promotes positive masculinities and encourages men and boys to get involved in the movement for more gender equality.

Maé Kurkjian
Acting director for the French branch of ONE: the movement that campaigns internationally to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030, and therefore tackles gender equalities, which emain one of the primary root causes of the persistence of poverty around the globe.

Marc Hull-Jacquin
Executive director of the Canadian organization Shelter Movers, he founded Transit Secours, the charitable moving services which offer free assistance to victims of domestic violence when they decide to leave their home.

Marc-Olivier Padis
Research director at Terra Nova, a French think tank that puts forth proposals in all fields of public policy. Terra Nova recently published a prospective study that spoke in favour of introducing a 40% quota in companies as a means to better women’s access to leadeship positions.

Matthieu Boutard
Co-founder of the startup ‘Bodyguard‘, a French start-up that combats cyberbullying using an algorithm which is capable of identifying hateful comments in almost real time.

Maya Oppenheim
Women’s correspondent for The Independent, she covers a wide range of societal issues, both at the local and gobal level, through the prism of gender.

Meriem Oudghiri
General copy editor of the Moroccan newspaper L’Economiste, which contributed to the programme #TowardsEquality by reporting on two projects that are pushing gender equality forward in Morocco.

Nils Pedersen
President of la Fonda, a think tank and hub for non-profit stakeholders, which is very committed to gender parity, as far as within its very own staffing policies.

Nina Goswami
BBC Creative Diversity Lead, she directs the project 50:50, which ambitions to achieve equitable distribution of broadcast time and of airtime appearances — 50% female, 50% male — in all the aired content. Since its launch in 2018, the 50:50 project has won over more than 100 other media outlets around the world.

Oumou Salif Toure
Head of a collective movement of women that formed in Mali and expanded to other Ouest African who is advocating for legal pursuits against Sidiki Diabaté on the grounds of domestic violence

Pierre Yves Ginet
Feminist photojournalist and co-founder of the magazine Femmes Ici et Ailleurs (Women here and elsewhere), he illustrated several women-led resistance movement through photo essays, for example Tibetan and Kurdish movements, and covered ground in over 30 countries to capture the diversity of women, as a way of countering their invisibility.

Rachid Farhan
Cultural mediator and gender expert, he moderates various programmes on the themes of positive masculinities and gender equality in Morocco, and often uses art as a starting point to lead people to reflection.

Ram Devineni
President of Rattapallax, the transmedia art organization which created super-sheroe Priya, whose cartoon illustrations adorn the walls of Indian cities to raise awareness about gender equality and fight against gender-based violence like acid attacks and rapes, which still account for high numbers of deaths among women in India.

Ritxar Bacete
Researcher, educator and activist particularly committed to questions of housework distribution across gender and paternity leave in Spain and in Latin America, he currenlty leads the project IMAGES with the NGO Promundo, a comparative study which focuses on the attitudes of men towards the progress made in gender equality in hispanic countries.

Roopa Dhatt
Executive director at Women in Global Health, an international network which tackles inequalities in the health sector, she is a leading voice of the global movement that is advocating for more and better recognition of the work carried out and sacrifices made by women in health and social services.

Sandra Lhote-Fernandes
Health and gender advocacy officer for Oxfam France, the French branch of the international NGO which fights against poverty-led inequalities and injustices.

Sandy Noel
Frontline worker, she is particularly involved the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights of women. Formerly coordinator on the gender and equality programme of the American organization Peace and Corps in Benin, she now works in the HIV prevention branch of the organization Florida Health.

Servane Mouazan
Founder and CEO of Oguntea London-based social enterprise which suppports women-led movements from all around the world in developping their reach

Sharlen Sezestre
Advocacy officer at the Planning Familial (family planning): feminist and educational movement in France, the Planning Familial campaigns for the rights to access comprehensive sexual education, adequate contraception options, abortion services, advocates for gender equal rights and fights off all forms of discriminations.

Soazig Barthélemy
Founder and director of Empow’Her, a network of organizations dedicated to promoting the economic and social empowerment of women worldwide.

Sofiane Zaizoune
Journalist for the Business & Society section of the magazine Le Figaro Madame, he led investigations on the difficulties encountered by single mothers in the workplace in France, as part of the media programme #TowardsEquality.

Sophie Davaris
Co-editor-in-chief of the Swiss newspaper La tribune de Genève, she pushed forth two powerful stories for the #TowardsEquality programme: the impact of public policies around breastfeeding in the workplace in Switzerland and the feminisation of UN management positions.

Teddy Atim
Site Coordinator for the Ugandan branch of the organization Mothers2Mothers, she works at the frontline with pregnant women and young mothers to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Vojislav Arsic
Executive director at Centar E8, a Belgrade-based youth organisation which encourages young men to engage on topics pertaining to gender equality and gender-based violence prevention.

Wendyam Micheline Kabore
Executive director at Initiative Pananetugri, a feminist organization which focuses on building social, cultural, economic, and legal foundations to promote and protect female well-being in Burkina Faso and in West Africa

Yumi Ishikawa
Actress, model, author and key opinion leader, she is the founder of the #KuToo Movement, the Japenese appendage of the global #MeToo movement, which exorts women to speak out against gender-based discriminations and sexist traditions (such as dressing codes that dictate that women should wear heels in the workplace).

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