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  • Terms of use related to the Law on Confidence in the Digital Economy (loi pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique - LCEN) of June 2004 :
    • The Internet site www.Sparknews.com  – Sparknews®, registered trademark, is protected by current legislation on the rights of intellectual property and the applicable international conventions. Any unauthorized reproduction is subject to  civil and/or criminal penalties for copyright violation.
    • The internet site Sparknews.com is published by the SAS (LLC):

                                      ENOYA PROJECTS :
                                      Company name:  ENOYA PROJECTS
                                      Headquarters: 75 R DE PASSY  -  75016 PARIS
                                      Telephone number : +33 142702080
                                      Editorial and publication director: Christian de Boisredon
                                      Capital: 1,000 euros
                                      Business registration number: RCS Paris B 533 807 087

                                       Hosting conditions and provider:
                                       Name of host: Canal WEB, LLC
                                       Capital: 7,500 euros
                                       RCS : Paris B 493 830 509
                                       Address: 20 Rue des Petits Champs – 75002 Paris
                                       Telephone number: 0660598062

  • Terms of use relating to the Act on Information Technology and Freedom

      Declaration to the CNIL - Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), the French national organization responsible for ensuring the rights of individuals to control their personal data. The mission of the CNIL is to protect individuals’ privacy and individual or public liberties.

       The Site www.Sparknews is declared under the number: aQG0367725X to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés, according to the Law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties. Any internet user who inputs personal data on the Site has the right of refusal (article 38 of the law), access (articles 39, 41 et 42 of the law) and rectification (article 40 de la loi) of his or her personal information. Thus, he or she can request that his or her personal data be rectified, completed, clarified, updated, or deleted if it is incorrect, incomplete, equivocal, expired, or if its collection, usage, communication or conservation is prohibited. Any user may exercise this right by contacting:

                               Sparknews  - Christian De Boisredon, founder
                                                        76, rue Boursault, 75017 Paris

Additional Terms of Use

Right to Image Use, As the likeness of an individual is of a personal nature, the principles of the law on “information technology and civil liberties” are applicable. The diffusion of the image or video recording or an individual on a website should be done with respect to the protections and principles of the amended law of January 6 1978. These principles correspond to the guarantees issued on the right to image use (CNIL)

The intellectual property code applies to all forms of creative work, including photographs, articles, illustrations, or other media. Any such use is subject to the approval of the author or the relinquishment of the author’s rights and related corresponding rights. The rights are ceded for a specific use. For a new use – for  example, in another media – a new request must be made. Any individual, no matter his level of fame, possesses the exclusive rights to his or her own image and any usage. The individual can thus object to its reproduction and diffusion, by contacting in the present case Sparknews, at the address given above.

An exception is made in the case of free content. This includes creative work protected by the rights of the author(s), but distributed freely at the will of the author(s).

  •             See the section “About copyright “ for the specific terms of use of SPARKNEWS.

Respect of the law, French law also prohibits:
- Counterfeiting of brand names
- The provocation of minors to commit illicit or dangerous acts
- The provocation to commit crimes or offences
- The provocation of suicide
- The provocation of discrimination, racial hate crimes, violence, or the praise of certain crimes (murder, war crimes, crimes against humanity)
- Insults and defamation
Any such element, whether in written form, photography, videos, etc, or in the comments posted on the Sparknews website, will be categorically banned and subject to legal action.