Sparknews prize

The Sparknews prize will reward the best reports on solutions created by professional journalists. An award in the amount of 10,000 € is planned. A second prize will reward the best amateur reports.

Selection Process

The prize will be organized by channel. There will be a prize for each channel on the Sparknews site. Twenty reports will be nominated for each channel, based on the ratings of experts and the public, and on how well they respond to these criteria:

  • responds to an important issue facing society
  • brings a concrete and proven response to this issue
  • potential to be reproduced at the local or global level
  • free of political and bioethical preconceptions

These videos will then be submitted to a jury composed of journalists and experts.

The three categories of competition

  • "Short-form broadcast reports" (reports from the television news of less than 7 minutes)
  • "Broadcast reports and documentaries of 7 minutes or more"
  • "Non-broadcast reports" (of any length)

Criteria for judging

The jury will use a choose a winner among the nominated reports using a weighted scale based on the following criteria:

  • Scope of the problem
  • Capacity of the initiative to bring about an effective response
  • Innovative or undiscovered nature of the initiative
  • Ease of reproducibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Journalistic quality
  • Sustainability

The jury

The jury will be an international panel composed of ten people who represent the Sparknews contributors. It will include journalists, experts, or influential people from recognized organizations.

Application process

Post your videos on the site starting now. The most relevant will be pre-selected. If yours is chosen, we will contact you. But if you can’t wait, you can write to us to find out the status of your video!