Zip Zap Circus, a new chance for HIV children

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Ajouté 03/04/15 - Année 2015
Edited by Anna Pauthenier

The Zip Zap Circus School was established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1992, with the aim of providing a space for children from various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds to come together as a means of encouraging inter-racial contact and dialogue in a safe, fun environment.

The project addresses the inclusion, stimulation and promotion of good health of children living with HIV. Due to the stigma associated being by HIV positive these children are often isolated from family and school, and do not have many opportunities for hope, future or fun.

Children are identified at government clinics, and the focus is to assist with general health and adherence to medication. Circus is a favorable environment to welcome any child into, no matter their skill level, physical ability or age. Zip Zap's instructors interact with these children and encourage them to interact with their peers, who are often experiencing similar challenges. Parents form relationships that offer key coping skills and support mechanisms.

Since Zip Zap inception, all programmes are free of charge for all, in order to not base the access on financial criteria and allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend.

« Ubuntu » caters for around 300 children living with HIV between the ages of 4 and 14 living below the poverty line in Khayelitsha the biggest township of Cape Town. Once identified by the doctors or nurses, and in the disclosure process, the children can move into our « Ibhongolwethu » programme twice a week.

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