Sundara : saving lifes with reclycled soap

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Ajouté 10/09/15 - Année 2015

Nowadays, millions of Indians can’t wash their hands with water and soap. 70 million Indians don’t know what soap is or most of the time, can’t afford it. Because of this, 1350 indian children die of preventable hygien related diseases every day. To change that, Sundara brings India’s first and only soap recycling program.

How Sundara works? It hires underpriviledged women who are in charge of collecting hundreds of kilograms of soap waste that would have ended up in overcrowded landfills, and transforming them into news bars of soap. The new soap is distributed to children in some of India’s poorest slums. Thanks to Sundara's work, trash becomes treasure and everyone wins.


Learn more : http://sundarafund.org/