Solving Problems Starts With You

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Ajouté 26/11/12 - Année 2012
Edited by Marie Poupinel

How do you start billions of people across the world thinking about innovation?

Big worldproblems, pressing social issues are a common concern to everyone. And everyone has the potentiel dormant or activated to find a pathway to solve them, is Jains opinion. ‘He who sees the problem is a human, he who sees the solution is visionary, he who does something is an entrepreneur’.

The World Innovation Institute operates with the simple belief that innovation and entrepreneurship have the potential to solve our world’s most complex challenges.By funding entrepreneurs who create solutions for better education, far-reaching exploration, and accessible health care, we will not only reframe successful business ventures to carry with them an empowering and relevant cause, but completely reinvent the world into something more just, more peaceful, more inspiring, for people in all corners of the world.