A global, disruptive solution to Food Waste

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Ajouté 22/09/16 - Année 2016

Hello SparkNews Community!

I felt like sharing the freshly ground motion design presentation of the green startup I'm working hard to launch.

Its object is to disruptively and globally tackle Food Waste.

We've pretty much heard about food waste lately and I suppose we almost all (...) agree on its ethical scandal and economical nonsense... but not everybody knows it is also an environmental disaster.

Being deeply concerned about finding any means to heal and regenerate our planet, I came up a few months ago, with a disruptive food waste busting concept & strategy.

The idea behind Nokto Tago is:

1- to create a NEW flow channel for food surpluses

2- to disrupt food consumption HABITS with a bold & innovative offer : a safe, healthy and savory "good upcycled food"® Delicatessen & Restaurants brand

Our 1st step will consist in creating the 1st EVER Delicatessen brand OUT OF FOOD SURPLUSES.

The following steps of what I wish to be an unstoppable movement will be the building of a Restaurants chain on the same mode (saving food surpluses and sublimating/upcycling them thanks to talented chefs :)

So... if you trust our concept to bring a substantial & systematic solution to Global Food Waste, please feel free to like it and share it as much and as often as you like :)