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Aunt Bertha : fixing the broken social services with one simple website

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Ajouté 18/07/14 - Année 2013

Nowadays, everything can be run through technology, making everyday inquiries like research or applying for programs quicker, cheaper and more efficient. However, most companies still rely on old-fashion bureaucratic work that often lead to poor services, and when those programs are suppose to help people it's an issue. 
Erine Gray is the CEO and founder of Aunt Bertha, a american website that cataloges the programs avaible in your area in case you're ever in need, all you have to do is type in your zip code to get the list. If you find a program you qualify for, you can apply directly on the website, allowing the services and charities to cut back on the paper work and improve their care. Like always, the crazy aunt has the answer. 


Aujourd'hui nous pouvons tout faire grâce à la technologie. La preuve, c'est ainsi que certaines entreprises cherchent à offrir des possibilités d'emploi. Erine Gray, fondatrice de Aunt Bertha propose sur son site internet américain un catalogue de programmes qui leur permettent de répondre à leurs besoins. Des programmes qui leur permettent de se qualifier rapidement.