Positive Innovation Club's Birthday

Special morining for Sparknews this wednesday 18th of january... The team celebrates Positive Innovation Club's birthday ! Already one year that entreprneurs, journalists, start-upers... meet to feed, exchange and imagine innovative initiatives and models at the haert of their business.

Club is growing ; it gathered this morining, more than 200 people, come to inspire around the issue "How businesses move towards the positive transformation ?"

Exchanges and pitchs indeed approached 5 main themes, action fields that answer positive transformations concretely set up within the companies : "Putting people at the heart of the company", "Collaborating with stakeholders", "Adressing new markets", Integrating the energetic transition"and finally, "Extending the company's responsibility to its entire value chain".

Many companies submitted concrete and effective solutions implemented at their "home"... with small steps Sparknews still proves that economic perfromance and social or environmental impact are compatible !