Impact Journalism Day

Impact Journalism Day


What is Impact Journalism Day ?

Every year more than 50 leading media from across the world simultaneously publish articles on 60 inspiring social and environmental projects with a strong positive impact. Through these publications, more than 120 million readers are able to discover existing innovative solutions worldwide that respond to contemporary issues.

Apart from mixing up the constant stream of  relentless and negative news, Impact Journalism Day offers stories that are precise and focused on solutions to social problems. In seeking to raise awareness on global issues whilst providing tried and tested solutions and actions, Impact Journalism Day acts as a springboard for change in both newsrooms and readers’ opinions.

By combining the power of major media with a network of committed international figures, Sparknews aims to build a movement of global optimism, encouraging people to act on both a local and international level.


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Putting together such an editorial operation takes around four months, this includes sourcing projects and the editing and translation of articles.


Our goal is to help newsrooms identify innovations with a strong social or environmental impact that have been proven in their home country, and could potentially be replicated elsewhere.


Our approach is collaborative. Each media produces one article reporting on an innovation in their home country. Sparknews then pools together all of the content and makes it available to all media partners, meaning that each media can use up to 60 articles produced within the alliance


Solutions that respond to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.