Scott Mc Kiernan

Scott Mc Kiernan

Scott Mc Kiernan

Founder and Photojournalist/Agent/Designer/Publisher


Scott Mc Kiernan

Scott Mc Kiernan's dynamic leadership and decades of wide-ranging experience in photojournalism--as a award winning photographer, photo editor, agent, designer and now publisher--have proven to be instrumental in establishing one of the largest editorial photo agencies in the world and the first digital age picture agency. 

Mc Kiernan built the first editorial database for pictures in the early hours of the world wide web, while founding ZUMA Press. Today he is the agent to some of the most respected photojournalists and newspapers in the world. Running a staff of 50 with offices around the globe and representing over 3,000 photojournalist, 90 large dailies & picture agencies. ZUMA the great independent. Now the largest picture agency and wire service in the world run by a photographer. 

Mc Kiernan remains an active shooter today, living for finding and making that one image that can make a difference.

Scott Mc Kiernan Founded:

1980 Big Wednesday Show 
Original name: Photo Night. Was monthly in NYC, now moved to west coast. 

1993 ZUMA Press
The First Agency of the Digital Age.

1994 ZUMA TV
Investigative Footage and production for Networks

2003 Keystone Press Agency 
The Original Wire Service was Est. 1882, Bought by Scott Mc Kiernan 2003

2003 zReportage
 The Online eZine of Reportage: Stories That Need to Be Told.

2004 DOUBLEtruck Magazine 
QUARTERLY - Winner of NPPA's BOP's Best Photography Magazine 2007

2006 ZUMA Books: The Bearing Witness Series 
First Hand Testimony. First book won POYi Best Picture Book 2007 

2008 zMultiMedia 
Not Your Mother's TV. Stories that Need to be Seen