Add a video

It’s very simple—with just a few clicks, you can add your video to the Sparknews website. Two options :


The standard form

By clicking on “Add content,” you will come to a form that allows you to enter complete information about the video. Only the starred fields are required, but it’s advisable to add as much information as possible about your video.

You can add three different types of video:

  • Your video is on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion: just add the URL of the video  
  • Your video is hosted on another internet platform: you must copy and paste the embedded link and add a thumbnail of the video
  • The video is on your computer: upload the video from your computer

Depending on the channel you choose for your video, a series of tags will be proposed. Don’t hesitate to select all the tags you deem relevant to your content. Tags will also be proposed according to the title of your video and the description, so don’t forget to fill them in. You can also manually add tags and keywords that you wish to be associated with your video content.

Useful advice: Link your videos to other content (videos, articles, wikis) on the same theme: they will be more easily accessible to both you and other users navigating the site.

Quick suggest

In a hurry? A simplified form allows you to add your suggested links to a database accessible to our contributors. Your suggestions will be considered and, if relevant, added to the site by our contributors.