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How can I become an expert?

If you believe you meet the criteria detailed below, we invite you to join our community of experts by filling out the registration form. This form will be submitted to the administrators for consideration.

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I’m already an expert: what can I do on Sparknews ?

See here.

I have a field of expertise:  Become a Sparknews expert!

What is an expert ?

Sparknews offers its users a large choice of videos, along with articles about solutions and initiatives. The expert rating exists to help our users separate genuinely good initiatives from false ones.

Experts are people who possess competence, knowledge, or expertise in one or more specific fields. No matter their job function or the type of structure they work in, they must meet the following Sparknews criteria:

  • Competence in one or more themes featured on Sparknews.
  • Independence and the capacity to judge the initiatives without bias
  • Availability to contribute regularly through ratings, comments, or updates to the content (videos, opinion articles)
  • Share the vision and the values of Sparknews.