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What can you do on Sparknews ?

Sparknews allows you to discover and share initiatives that create progress in the world. But beware – once you’ve been blown away, you won’t be able to stop watching…


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Sparknews is organized by channel: water, energy, environment, health, employment, youth, urban planning, humanitarian projects, etc. There are 23 channels. Why 23? Why not?

Pick the channel you want, or use the search function to find a video on a specific topic. Discover a wide range of fascinating subjects, some of which might be related to yours.

If a topic inspires you and you want to know more, you can contact the project leader, experts in the field, or the journalist who initiated the report (If they have created a profile.) If necessary, you can also contact us and we will send you their contact information.

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Having your own account provides you with a multitude of added functions, so don’t hesitate to create one!

Enter your full name and email address, choose a password, upload a photo – and you’re done! 

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The goal of Sparknews is to spread the word about innovative solutions around the world. Have you heard about a great project, or seen a television or internet report that fits in with our mission? Share it on Sparknews

Tip: in order to add make your content more relevant, you can subtitle your videos, share them, invite your friends to comment on them, and rate them!

Become a Sparker (Contributor)

A Sparker is a person who feels the call, passion, and inspiration to participate in the Sparknews adventure. Each in their own way and at their own rhythm, these people contribute their time and energy to the Sparknews site.

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