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What can you do on Sparknews?

If you’re a journalist, Sparknews is here to inspire you and give you ideas for new stories. Sparknews adds value to your reports by sharing them with the greatest possible number of people, and by allowing you to submit your stories for an international prize. Sparknews also connects you with your peers: editors in chief and journalists interested in real solutions!


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Sparknews is organized by channel: water, energy, environment, health, employment, youth, urban planning, humanitarian projects, etc. There are 23 channels. Why 23? Why not?

Pick the channel you want, or use the search function to find a video on a specific topic. Discover a wide range of fascinating subjects, some of which might be related to yours.

If a topic inspires you and you want to know more, you can contact the project leader, experts in the field, or the journalist who initiated the report (If they have created a profile.) If necessary, you can also contact us and we will send you their contact information.

Sparknews allows you open access to a broad range of topic ideas. If a good idea exists in Fiji or in the United States, why not publicize it in France or around the world so that it can be reproduced?

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Having your own account provides you with a multitude of added functions, so don’t hesitate to create one!

Enter your full name and email address, choose a password, upload a photo – and you’re done! 

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The goal of Sparknews is to spread the word about innovative solutions around the world. Add your videos and articles, express yourself in comments column and complete wikis and biographies.

Tip: We invite you to subtitle videos (we have included a special tool for this), share them, comment on them, and rate them!


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The Support Committee is composed of men and women from the media, editors-in-chief and journalists and major players in the world of social entrepreneurship, all of whom possess the desire to share solutions and provide moral support to the Sparknews mission.

To get to know the members of the Support Committee

To join the Spark-committee, write to


A Sparker is a person who feels the call, passion, and inspiration to participate in the Sparknews adventure. Each in their own way and at their own rhythm, these people contribute their time and energy to the Sparknews site. For more information, click here.

As a journalist, you can write editorials connected to innovative solutions or about journalism itself.