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The Unreasonables: Giving Wings to High Impact Entrepreneurs

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Posted 30/07/12 - Production Year 2012
Edited by Victoire Reneaume

Unreasonable Institut's goal is to accelerate Unreasonable entrepreneurs and their ventures.

They are solving the world’s biggest problems by arming the entrepreneurs who can take them on with the mentorship, capital, and network to make it happen.

Each year, they unite 25 entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to live under the same roof for six weeks in Boulder, Colorado. These entrepreneurs receive training and build long-term relationships with 50 world-class mentors, ranging from the former Managing Director of Investments at, to the CTO of HP, to an entrepreneur who’s enabled over 19 million farmers to move out of poverty. In the process, they also form relationships and build their businesses with 20 investment funds, receive legal advice & design consulting, and pitch to hundreds of potential investors and partners. Check out this 3-minute trailer to get an inside peak and read on to learn how it works!