Stephen Sumner Method: Avoiding Phantom Pain with a Mirror Therapy

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Posted 13/10/14 - Production Year 2014
Edited by Valentine Puaux

In a novel way to help amputees, Canadian Stephen Sumner, an above-the-knee amputee himself, is traveling through Cambodia, Lao and elsewhere in the 'conflict world' on a bicycle and with a load of handmade mirrors. He's trying to teach patients, therapists and  doctors a fascinating therapy to stop "phantom pain". This revolutionary method consists in using the reflection from a common mirror with an amputee to help re-wire the brain into 'feeling' like it is has 2 arms and 2 legs and calming the panic signals that result in this horrible agony for amputees.

And when they use the mirror, the effect is magic, the pain is gone.

Stephen is the founder and sole protagonist of Me and My Mirror. He is bringing his mirrors to northern Sri Lanka next and operates entirely by donation. Visit him at  

Sotheng is a young student who lives some kilometers from Phnom Penh. He tell us this story, this meeting with  Stephen.

Stephen Sumner de l'association Me and my Mirror sillonne le Cambodge pour venir en aide aux amputés qui souffrent de la "douleur fantôme. Il cherche à former les médecins à une nouvelle thérapie. Elle consiste à utiliser un miroir pour que les patients  puissent se voir avec deux bras, ou deux jambes. L'effet est magique, la douleur disparaît au bout de quelques minutes. Sotheng jeune étudiant vivant dans une banlieue de Phnom Penh raconte son histoire. Il participe à l'une de ces séances.