The New Lao Cookstove to reduce the amount of wood and charcoal used by Cambodians

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Posted 10/09/12 - Production Year 2009
Edited by Victoire Reneaume

Cambodia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. And yet 80% of the Cambodian people depend on fuelwood for their daily cooking.

The NGO GERES has been working in Cambodia for over 15 years on how to reduce the amount of wood and charcoal used by Cambodians. One of their solutions is The New Lao Stove. This simple bucket stove has improved insulation and air flow, which reduces charcoal consumption by about 25% compared to a traditional charcoal cookstove. This in turn reduces carbon emissions while improving the lives of the stove users, who spend less time gathering wood, less money for charcoal and are exposed to much less smoke. Over 850,000 New Lao Stoves are now in use in Cambodia.