Let's Raise Our Kids to Be Entrepreneurs!

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Posted 26/11/12 - Production Year 2011
Edited by Marie Poupinel

Cameron Herold points out how entrepreneurship is often viewed by education elites as something outside the purview of education.  He asks parents and teachers to be able to "find these kids with entrepreneurial traits" by being able to recognize the signs, and to help "foster this talent".  From an economic perspective, if one realizes that our country's economic health is driven by small business owners with the majority share of total jobs and revenue coming from small businesses, we may reconsider the short shrift given to the premise of entrepreneurship.

The other aspect of student-entrepreneurs in school is that they may display traits that are counter to that which is expected in most school cultures:  tenacity, independence, creative risk-taking and questioning which may perceived as questioning authority (ie. "Can we do this another way?").  Entrepreneurs are, by nature, doers, tinkerers and iterators