Beti Halali: ecological and economical homes more accessible to the Chadian population

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Posted 10/05/12 - Production Year 2011
Edited by Elodie Hanff

The mission of Beti Halali is to make ecological and economical homes more accessible to the Chadian population. In addition, to address local problems of home financing, the founders have developed an innovative system of financing adapted to the financial capacities of a broader segment of the population.

An urgent need for decent housing in Chad:

The construction of 125,000 homes per year is necessary to accommodate the rapid urban population growth in Chad. However, less than 2% of these needs are met every year. As of 2008, 91.3% of the urban population has lived in slums, mostly due to the high cost of construction materials (concrete, steel, etc.), the deficiency of funding in this sector (home loans with high interest rates, no mortgage system readily available), and the lack of qualified, private contractors trained in the formal sector.

With an understanding of this context, Beti Halali aims to help the urban Chadian population by replacing expensive (concrete) or unsustainable (mud) housing with an economically and environmentally favorable solution, bringing the latest advances in building material technology to Chad.