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This impact assessment focuses on the projects that were featured in Impact Journalism Day 2016. The study was conducted five months after the publication via phone interviews and an online survey.
64 project leaders were interviewed, out of a total of 100 projects featured in Impact Journalism Day 2016: 3 in 4 project leaders think that IJD had an impact on their project.

Learn more about our impact & check out the success stories of IJD 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

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Sparknews started 2017 with a great success thanks to SoCo Seminar ...!

In Paris, this seminar gathered during three days 15 journalists from all over the world.

As Solutions&Co's partners, it was an oportunity for them to give their feedback on this November 4th operation, that mobilized 20 worldwide leading economic newspapers... and published 50 business innovations for sustainable cities !

Journalists have met, among others, Blablacar, famous carpooling start-up, and some Solutions&Co projects leaders, such as Phenix, ForestFinance, Forcity or LC3... 

The exchanges have been rich and profitable, ans medias began to share new ideas and projects... for an ever more inspiring next edition !


Special morining for Sparknews this wednesday 18th of january... The team celebrates Positive Innovation Club's birthday ! Already one year that entreprneurs, journalists, start-upers... meet to feed, exchange and imagine innovative initiatives and models at the haert of their business.

Club is growing ; it gathered this morining, more than 200 people, come to inspire around the issue "How businesses move towards the positive transformation ?"

Exchanges and pitchs indeed approached 5 main themes, action fields that answer positive transformations concretely set up within the companies : "Putting people at the heart of the company", "Collaborating with stakeholders", "Adressing new markets", Integrating the energetic transition"and finally, "Extending the company's responsibility to its entire value chain".

Many companies submitted concrete and effective solutions implemented at their "home"... with small steps Sparknews still proves that economic perfromance and social or environmental impact are compatible !


50 business solutions published by 20 leading economic media all over the world… That is Solutions And Co operation by Sparknews on Friday november 4th.

For its second edition, Solutions And Co wanted to build awareness of the economic actors in cities and climate issues.

In the program : publishing articles and discovery projects, not to mention our new E-book Toward Sustainable Cities that lists all the solutions and gives the floor to the world experts, namely Ellen Mc Arthur, Mary Robinson, Anne Hidalgo...

For the first time an interactive platform has also been created. Objective : overview a concentrate of solutions in one city… the city of the future !

Solutions And Co are international positive innovations to be discovered in special editions… because media have also a role to play !


This year, big departure of all Spark team for Canada… precisely Ottawa for the One Young World summit !

Each year One Young World gathers thousands young leaders together to think discuss about the stakes of tomorrow, through some big world challenges : conflict resolution, health, environment, human rights, education, and religion.

From september 28th to october 2nd, all Sparknews team was there with all Impact Journalism Day newspapers’ partners chief editors and together presented the positive impact of solutions journalism.

During these 4 days they also had the opportunity to meet inspiring personalities like Kofi Annan, Muhammad Yunus, Dambisa Moyo, Mary Robinson, but also incredible young projects holders !

One Young World in a few points :

  • incredible projects        passionate discussions

    • motivated young leaders        challenges

  • experts’ points of view            positive journalists


To fight against the global warming, the networking is the new deal. To ally is nothing but the new word of the world in motion…!

This Monday September 5th, a meeting was held around the theme Journalism, Cities and Climate. The city is a favorable ground for the establishment of the collaborative and resilient society that is coming.

This show, in partnership with Convergences, aimed to understand how journalists, companies, entrepreneurs and institutional representatives cooperate in the evolution of our urban life, to move from agreement to action, to build a fair and sustainable world…

Convergences in a few points :

  • 4th edition            a networking        toward a positive world

    • journalists and entrepreneurs        alliances

  • action        a dedication to journalism of solutions


On june 25th, in more than 50 countries, 55 of the biggest daily papers of the world published 100 positive stories about innovations that change the world… a new day for their 120 millions readers !

Impact Journalism Day is a connexion between international media, positive and concrete projects, and the reality of major world’s challenges, such as education, health or access to energy…

In a paper and digital supplement, newspapers make a commitment to publish those 100 inspiring stories. Asahi Shimbun in Japan, La Nacion in Argentina, Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, Strait Times in Singapur, Le Figaro and l’Actu/Mon Quotidien in France, Die Welt in  Germany or El Pais in Spain… They all bet on solutions journalism !

Impact Journalism Day in a few numbers :

  • 4th edition            50 connected countries

    • 55 partners media            120 millions readers

  • 100 positive solutions


Curious about the real impact of Impact Journalism Day? Check out our latest evaluation!

65 project leaders were interviewed, out of a total of 103 projects presented in IJD 2015 : 3 in 4 project leaders think that IJD had an impact on their project. Learn more about our impact & check out the success stories of IJD 2014 and IJD 2015.