A scholarship fund for two world tours

Sparknews has initiated two interconnected world tour projects. Come make them your own by applying for the grant by presenting your project. A new group will leave each year. One is still seeking candidates for 2012, so don’t hesitate to apply!

World Tour 1: In Search of Journalists who Promote Solutions

Vision: promote innovation and the impact of grassroots initiatives through encounters between social entrepreneurs and the media.

The Primary Mission: meet the journalists, bloggers and editors in chief who relay information about innovative and meaningful solutions. Together with these professionals, create reports about initiatives or social entrepreneurs. Interview these journalists.

Project leaders: Adèle Galey and Karine Levy-Heidmann, 24, graduates of the ESSEC. Adèle joined  Sparknews in September 2011 and has been working alongside Christian de Boisredon. She had little difficulty convincing Karine, intern at Ashoka, to join her for this world tour. They will depart in December 2012 for a period of 10 months.

World Tour 2: The Interfaith Tour

In partnership with the Coexister initiative   - The interreligious movement of the youths.

Four young people of different religions will travel around the world in search of initiatives for peace and interfaith dialogue.

Through their video and written reports, these four young people - Christian, Muslim, Jewish and atheist – will show that it is possible to live together. These examples will have the capacity to inspire the whole world.

A team is already built for this tour. If you want to contact them, or to help them in any ways, don't hesitate, write to, and include the purpose of your email. 

See you very soon around the world...


A Sparktour designed for Africa

After this two world tours, a new idea was born: a Sparktour especially designed for Africa... called the SparkTour Africa! The concept is the same : connecting journalists with changemakers to relay the innovative solutions in the media. 

The first SparkTour Africa will take place in South Africa, from February to August 2014! 

You want to know a bit more about this project? You can check the Facebook page and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag  #SparkTourAfrica.

See you soon!