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Solutions & Co is an editorial operation that brings together leading international economic media, social entrepreneurs and the corporate world to enhance the impact of innovative solutions.

Discover - Amplify - Accelerate

Through these three actions, this operation provides a media platform from which to collectively promote climate solutions and equally enables businesses to be involved in this economic and energy transition.

For its third edition on October 27, 2017, 20 of the world's largest economic media came together to each publish a supplement containing 50 business solutions for climate issues sourced from across the world. This year’s topic focused on circular economy - the model of tomorrow!

But what is the circular economy? It represents a new economic model that puts an end to the idea that economic growth and resource depletion go hand in hand.

This offers an attractive and above all viable solution that breaks away from the traditional model of linear production. Circular economy aims to create a logical production and consumption loop, optimizing resources and waste to form a single cycle. Certain habits and initiatives have already turned towards this model such as eco-design, responsible consumption and recycling ...

On October 27 readers in China, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, India, Mexico, France and Germany and many more were able to discover at the same time those leaders of projects and organizations that are changing the game. This is thanks to a collaborative media approach that allows everyone to discover the inspiring initiatives of the circular economy and climate.

This event is also an opportunity to bring together and create connections between all the players involved in these issues: experts, economic decision-makers, and innovators.

Find a unique collection of expert opinions such as David Nevicato, Walter R Stahel, Jean-Louis Chaussade, William McDonough ... These experts in the circular economy are there to contribute their opinions on these topics, and the most promising innovations are presented in the media. through the articles. All this to illustrate how stakeholders can better work together to achieve this goal of sustainability, waste reduction and value for money. It offers a 360-degree approach, with examples from around the world, to show that the circular economy is not a utopia, but a reality already under construction, a viable and sustainable model.

You also take the quiz to discover more about the circular economy and its challenges!


After the success of its first three editions, the worldwide operation Solutions & Co will be back in 2018 around a new theme ... to discover soon!

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