Positive Innovation Club

At Sparknews, over the past three years we've been discovering hundreds of inspiring initiatives from
all around the world. These initiatives, are sometimes very simple but always innovative either by their 
approach, their technology or their implementation. They are the fruit of social entrepreneurs or
intrapreneurs, of men and women who thanks to their creativity, are involved in solving social or 
environmental problems.

Positive Innovation by Sparknews is one of our contributions to thus social innovation. We unite people
at the crossroads of the media, of large and medium-sized companies and of individuals. Together we
brainstorm and analyse about tomorrow's business model and find meaning and aim to maximise our 
social impact.

Positive innovation Club brings together men and women with responsibilities who want to feed, 
exchange and imagine innovative initiatives and models at the heart of their professions. This club is 
designed to inspire and support you in your reflection and action for a more positive business (growth 
and meaning).

The membership of Positive Innovation Club is 5000 euros per year (3000 euros for the SMEs), on 
invoice. It gives access to a network of likeminded people, innovative content as well as an invitation 
for you and three other people of your choice to 6 thematic evenings out of 12 months, starting from the 
date of membership.

To join the club, contact Clémentine Sassolas (csassolas@sparknews.com) and find the news of 
#InnovationPositive on the Linkedin group "l'Innovation Positive by Sparknews"



This year, some bold adventurers have regularly gathered around common evenings to get inspired, to meet and talk about positive changes within the Club. The positive transformation... this barbaric word which means what ? For us, this covers actions that have a social or environmental impact while leading to more economic performance. When we said that, we said everything and we said nothing. So concretely, what are we talking about ? How are the companies, and first of all the Club members, doing ? True to the expertise we have developed at Sparknews, we have gone on an adventure, finding what works, what is already in place and proven.

Feedback:  launch event of Positive Innovation Club 

Monday, February 15th Sparknews launched its Positive Innovation Club!  An evening of inspiration and energy, reflection and discussion - more than 160 directors of large companies and SMEs discovered for themselves our club, which aims to be authentic and original in its approach. Thank you to Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone, and Miroslav Sviezeny, CEO of Qarnot Computing for their speeches. A special mention to Patricia Ricard, who reminded us that every disruptive innovation is at first seen as a crazy idea before eventually being accepted and widely adopted.  Building on our experience of working with the world's media, we are delighted to bring our "theory of change" to businesses, so we can have even more impact!