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Women in Action is an editorial programme which aims to raise awareness on the most significant issues that women are facing around the world, through an informative approach and by presenting examples of tried-and-tested, replicable solutions.

For this programme, we brought together an alliance of 10 leading online media (including Le Figaro in France, The Hindu in India, The Nation in Nigeria, etc.), each of which published more than 40 articles and pieces of content (macro-economic articles, opinion pieces by experts, articles on solutions, infographics, videos) over the course of 1 month, on the themes of women and education, health, economy and society.

Several large-scale organizations lent us their support by bringing attention to the Women in Action publications and sharing them via their communication networks (Graça Machel Trust, Ashoka Global, The Elders, the Global Fund for Women, MamaCash, Mary Robinson, the Cherie Blair Foundation, UN Women France, etc.).

Ladies' Turn - Senegal © Natacha Adam
Ladies' Turn - Senegal © Natacha Adam



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