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Impact Journalism Day

1 day, 20 countries, 50 million readers

On June 22nd 2013, major media from all over the world came together to report on concrete solutions to today's issues. This new and leading network of the world’s most recognized titles have collaborated to promote and spread the best practices. By producing high quality journalism those media participate in sparking their readers' action and changing the world.










For more information, visit the Impact Journalism Day 2013 website.

What is impact journalism?

By publishing solution-based content, the media has an impact on its audience and on the what happens next in the world. By complementing its every-day reporting with stories about solutions, the media sparks off its audience to ACT.

Sparknews' founder Christian de Boisredon first realized this as a 24-year-old during a trip to Chile while on his "World Hope Tour". A French entrepreneur, after having read an article about micro-finance, decided to launch the first micro-finance service in Chile. Thanks to that single article and the impact it had on the entrepreneur, over 30,000 Chileans have found the capital to build their businesses, creating more than 100,000 jobs. De Boisredon has since dedicated his career to spreading ImpAct Journalism throughout the media.


How it works?

Impact Journalism Day is driven by an international network of media partners. In each market, a major print title, (radio and television stations will join in for the 2014 edition) are exclusive IJD partners, an exclusivity that gives advantages over the competition for readership and advertising. Media partners publish solution-based content from the IJD Content Hub and can choose to publish self-produced content.


Current Media Partners

Our partners for the first Impact Journalism Day were :

France « Le Monde » (June 24th) India «  The Times of India »
& « Mon Quotidien-L'Actu » (kids) Belgium «  Le Soir »
Algeria «  El Watan » Canada « La Presse »
Brazil « Folha de Sao Paulo » Denmark « Politiken »
Italy « La Stampa » Nigéria «The Nation»
Kenya « The Daily Nation » China « CaiXin »
Lebanon « L’Orient-Le-Jour » Germany « Die Tageszeitung »
Mexico « Excelsior » South Africa « City Press » (June 23rd)
Pakistan « The News International » Senegal « Le Soleil »
Poland « Gazeta Wyborcza » Singapour « The Straits Times »