Impact Journalism Day

Impact Journalism Day


What is Impact Journalism Day ?

Every year, the social business Sparknews brings together some 50 leading newspapers from around the world to share stories of  hope, change and positive innovation. Together these newspapers have impact. On the same day, they publish a special edition dedicated to 60 concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues, on subjects like education, energy, health care, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.


Beyond the normal daily flow of current stories that are often negative and instantaneous, the stories featured in Impact Journalism Day are precise and clearly framed reports on solutions to problems that threaten society. In an attempt to bring attention to these issues and all the while propose concrete solutions, the IJD editorial operation is a catalyst for change for editors, journalists, and readers. 
It takes no less than four months to move from sourcing projects to the publication of the supplements. Our objective: to help editors and journalists identify replicable innovations, that have proven themselves in the field, and that are having a significant social or environmental impact. The mission is collaborative: each newspaper writes on two initiatives from their country and then all the articles are shared amongst the alliance so every newspapers has access to all 60 stories.

The next Impact Journalism Day will be on June 24th 2017. #StoryOfChange


4th Edition : 


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