Become a Sparker (contributor)



Become a Sparker

A Sparker is a person who feels the call, passion, and inspiration to participate in the Sparknews adventure. Each in their own way and at their own rhythm, these people contribute their time and energy to the Sparknews site.




Simply by keeping the site alive! Add content (video, articles, wikis, bios), comment on videos, rate them, and give us feedback if necessary: your impressions of the site, your ideas, suggestions, etc….

How much time do I need to dedicate?

We’re here to share ideas, and this collaborative effort allows everyone to contribute at their own pace. All we ask is that you apply to be a contributor only if you have an estimated 15 minutes or more to spend each week.

What’s in it for me?

Sparknews is based on the voluntary participation of its members. We do not wish to add a financial component to this participation, but we consider sparkers to be members of the Sparknews community. It’s even something (Sparknews Contributor) to add to your resume !

We regularly organize cocktails and parties for sparkers in order to create genuine connections between members. We will invite the most active Sparknews contributors to participate in meetings and discussions with well-known journalists.

So see you soon in the Sparknews community!

Send an email to mpoupinel(at) if you want to become a sparker !