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of high social/environmental innovation

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these solutions with the mass newsmedia worldwide

Connecting & accelerating Connecting & accelerating

Innovative projects with companies & institutions

Sourcing innovative solutions

Sourcing innovative solutions

Currently updating a database of more than 2500 innovations

Social innovations for climate, education, health, technology, society

Using qualified social and insitutional networks & local media worldwide

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Sharing through media publishing

Sharing through media publishing

Animating a network of 70 leading newspapers in 5 continents for 130 million readers through 2 main international publications :

Impact Journalism Day Solutions And Co

Writing, curating & coordinating international contents for evenemential publishing

Accelerating business

Accelerating business

Connecting the corporate world with social entrepreneurs to accelerate their development.

We are launching The Club of positive innovation, with the support of BPIfrance

Accelerating business

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  • Founder
    Christian de Boisredon adm's picture
    Les journalistes relaient souvent les solutions, les initiatives, les portraits des héros modernes comme les entrepreneurs sociaux qui apportent de vraies réponses aux problèmes actuels. Par contre, une fois diffusées, ces reportages sont difficiles, voir impossibles à retrouver. Au mieux, ils sont perdus dans...

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