Who are we?






Who are we ?

Created in 2012 by Christian de Boisredon, social entrepreneur and Ashoka Fellow, Sparknews is an internation social impact amplifier, at the crossroads between social innovation and leading medias. Our mission is to share in the largest number inspiring solutions and initiatives to trigger action. It works in three ways.

- First, a collaborative video-sharing platform (www.sparknews.com) that collects inspiring initiatives from all over the world.

- Second, international events such as Impact Journalism Day, which has brought together 47 leading newspapers in 40 countries on June 20th 2015, to publish supplements dedicated to solutions that are changing the world. This editorial operation, which has reached 120 millions readers, sheds light on today’s most creative initiatives in order to spark further positive change.

- Third, offering corporate consulting services in CSR, innovation, internal mobilization,etc.


Sparknews values the media’s ability to create and inspire action by reporting on solutions.

Sparknews seeks to develop a concept we call “Impact Journalism” or even “Double Impact Journalism.”

The first impact occurs when the media denounces injustice and its derivatives – by alerting us.

The second impact occurs when the media shows an existing solution to these problems – it gives us the means to react.

We are a community of journalists, social entrepreneurs and individuals driven by common values and a shared desire to shed light on these initiatives.



Although they play an indispensible role in society by alerting us to important issues, journalists are often criticized for focusing only on problems. However, many journalists actively relay information about initiatives, solutions, victories over misfortune, and modern-day heroes…but these reports often receive less attention.

Still, these reports have a colossal impact. They are often the sparks that allow initiatives to be known and, more importantly, reproduced around the world. These reports spur action, giving people the desire to create change. Unfortunately, these reports are often difficult to find after their initial television broadcast. They are hard-to-find gems that should be valued and shared.

At the same time, the journalists behind them deserve to be honored for the quality of their work and their impact on the world.


Sparknews offers 

  • For the public and fieldworkers

    •  A site for accessing video and written reports (embedding and links that respect the rights of the author)

    • a pool of initiatives and ideas to undertake and reproduce

    • a network of social entrepreneurs and journalists with common values

  • For journalists

    • A web platform of video

    • Innovative public discussions between social entrepreneurs and journalists

    • A network of editors and journalists who share our vision

    • Ideas for subjects to report on

  • For experts

    • ​A pool of initiatives to complement their knowledge base

    • Recognition of their competences (possibility, for example, of being contacted by journalists about their areas of expertise)

    • A network of social entrepreneurs, journalists and institutions, teachers, etc, who share the same values


The Spark Team

The Spark-Team is composed of people who contribute their energy and enthusiasm to help the project see the light of day. By sharing their desires and passions, they create sparks…

The Spark-Founder

Christian de Boisredon

At 24, Christian completed the first-ever trip around the world in search of grassroots initiatives. The result was a bestseller (Hope Around the World, Pocket) and a wave of civic engagement from his readers. Former strategy and change management consultant for BearingPoint (ex Arthur-Andersen), Christian founded Sparknews with the conviction that sharing solutions to inspire people can scale change. In a previous experience he initiated “Le Libé des solutions”, the first solution-based editorial operation, which was a huge success. He regularly speaks at conferences either on Change Management, Leadership, or the Innovation Mindset.


The Spark-Team

Sandra de Bailliencourt (French)

Sandra de Bailliencourt

Sandra joined Sparknews in August 2015 as a managing director. Sandra has developed different kinds of entreprises for the last 15 years : in sports business (Head of Partnership for the French Team of the America’s Cup), event (managing director of an agency in south of France), digital (founder of Novedia Agency, free-lance manager for many digital businesses as Educlever in EdTech, Webedia in media, Skoda France). Inspired by the innovative format and the social engagment of Sparknews, Sandra is strengthening actual activity and building, with the team, new offers to increase again the impact of social innovation.

Amy Serafin (American)

Amy Serafin is an editor-in-chief and journalist who has worked around the world in print, television, and radio for The New York Times, Fortune, Wallpaper, National Public Radio, and the Associated Press, among others. She also writes about humanitarian issues for organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.   

Clémentine Sassolas (French)

Clémentine Sassolas joined Sparknews in its early stages, developing the business in close relationship with Christian and contributing to his vision. She is now in charge of launching new projects such as Solutions&Co in collaboration with economic media and she coordinates Sparknews’ business development. She graduated from ESSEC Business School where she majored in Social Entrepreneurship and Urban Economics. Her previous experience led her to work in London, to study social innovation in India, and to be involved in development projects in El Salvador and Cambodia.

Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr (French-Lebanese-British)

Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr (French-Lebanese-British) worked on different projects before joining Sparknews, including consulting, and in various types of organisation, ranging from the ILO to multinational corporations. Marie-Elie studied at ESSEC Business school, where she majored in Urban Economics, and holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and Planning. Over the years, Marie-Elie has been lucky enough to travel for extended periods of time, including Lebanon, Siberia, India and Morocco, as well as live in different countries, most notably the UK, France, Switzerland and the United States. Marie-Elie joined the team in 2014 as Content Strategist and Impact Journalism Day Manager.

Camille Loiseau (French)

Camille Loiseau studied at INSEEC Business School Paris. After 10 months working in South India and Australia, she joined Sparknews in January 2015. She works on Business Development and on the coordination of Solutions&Co with Clémentine.


Tess Abbott (English)

Tess Abbott holds a degree in European History and Politics from King’s College London, a programme which included one year’s study at Sciences-Po, Paris. She completed internships at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Upstream Sustainability Services in London and as a Communications Assistant for a European Commission LIFE+ environmental project in Brussels before returning to Paris. Since January 2015 she has worked closely with Amy Serafin on the editorial side of Impact Journalism Day; researching, writing and editing articles.

Susanna Holowati (German)

Susanna Holowati is a student in Political Science & European Affairs who joined the Sparknews Team in January 2015. She speaks fluent German, French, Russian, English and Spanish – and holds a degree in International Business. She works on the coordination of Impact Journalism Day with Marie-Elie.