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Who are we?

Sparknews is a social start-up wanting to share innovating solutions through its open source and collaborative solution-based video platform and with news media by developing Impact Journalism.

Our first Impact Journalism Day took place on June 22nd 2013 when Sparknews gathered 22 leading newspapers worldwide to collaborate on solution-based reporting and had each of them publish a supplement about solutions to contemporary issues.

The 2nd 'Impact Journalism Day' edition will take place on September 20th 2014.


Information about innovative initiatives and modern-day heroes have a colossal impact. More than merely shedding light on solutions, these news can spark more action, giving people the desire to create change. Unfortunately, good solution-based initiatives are hard-to-find that need to be valued and shared. At the same time, the journalists behind those news deserve to be honored for the quality of their work and their impact on the world.

Sparknews values the media’s ability to create and inspire action by reporting on solutions. We seek to develop a concept we call Impact Journalism or even “Double Impact Journalism.” FIRST impact : the media informs us against injustices and its derivatives – they alert us. SECOND impact : the media enlightens us on existing solutions to these problems – they give us the means to act.


Sparknews' missions : 

  • Sourcing through the first collaborative video platform about innovative solutions (http://www.sparknews.com) and through the analysis and innovation activity we offer companies

  • Sharing inspiring stories we source : with companies through conferences, with the media through international events, and with the public through theme evenings.

  • Organizing the Impact Journalism Day. Every year, Sparknews brings together the world's leading  newspapers to make them publish on the same day stories of hope, change and innovation.

 On 20 September 2014, 40 leading newspapers from 40 countries (Le Monde, Sunday Times, Asahi Shimbun, La Presse, China Daily, Al Hayat, El Watan, Le Soir, Excelsior...) will publish on the same day a  special edition reaching over 100 million readers worldwide.

Visit us on http://ijd.sparknews.com

  • Assisting companies in their social innovation strategy with consulting missions, seminar animation and establishment of links between companies and innovators.



  • Sharing of “best practices”
  • Enthusiasm without naïveté
  • Objectivity and goodwill
  • Independence

The Spark-Team

We are a community of journalists, social entrepreneurs and individuals driven by common values and a shared desire to shed light on great innovative initiatives in order to spark action.


Christian de Boisredon

At 24, Christian completed the first-ever world tour around the search of grassroot initiatives. A bestseller came out of it (L'Espérance autour du Monde, Pocket) with a wave of civic engagement from his readers. He then initiated and cofounded Reporters d’Espoirs, piloting the project for 4 years. Along with Sparknews, Christian is currently producing a movie inspired by the life of M. Yunus, to be directed by P. Lloyd (Mamma Mia!, The Iron Lady)

Christian was also an educator of disadvantaged youth as part of his civil service and a project leader for Engineers without Borders.



Impact Journalism Day Editors & Journalists

Catherine Galloway British

Editor-in-chief Impact Journalism Day

Catherine Galloway is a freelance journalist, and teaches broadcast journalism at Sciences Po in Paris. As former news presenter for France 24 television, she covered Barack Obama's race to the White House throughout 2008. She has also worked as a presenter and reporter for Radio France Internationale, as Paris correspondent for DWTV, and as a columnist for Metropolitan magazine. Catherine holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Cambridge University, and volunteers for international literacy NGO 'Room to Read'. In 2010 she travelled to Zambia and Malawi with the mobile library project 'The Book Bus'.

Celestine Bohlen Franco-American

Editor-in-chief Impact Journalism Day

Celestine Bohlen is a bimonthly columnist at The International Tribune in Paris, and teaches journalism at Sciences-Po since 2010. She was a foreign correspondent for The New York Times based in Moscow, Budapest and Rome, and was also a culture reporter based in New York. She has worked for Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The Trenton Times and the Lowell Sun.

Renée Kaplan Franco-American

Senior Editorial Advisor for Impact Journalism Day

Former director of France 24/RFI ‘s anglophone edition after leading CNN and CBS production.


Marcelle Balt South-African

After completing her Masters degree in Community Development, Marcelle’s passion for Africa has taken her from Mozambique to Benin and Sudan, and back to her home country South Africa,  spanning work in public health, governance, and humanitarian intervention. A transition to radio and television news at SABC followed, and now she is combining these two streams with a double Masters degree in Journalism and International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris.

Jake Cigainero American

Jake Cigainero is a freelance journalist. He grew up in Texas where he was a communications consultant in the visual and performing arts, community and social initiatives, and entrepreneurial startups. After extensive travels, Jake returned to school at Sciences Po in Paris for a double master's degree in international affairs and journalism. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, English and Spanish from the University of North Texas.




Anna Polonyi Franco-Hungarian-American
Anna is a franco-american-hungarian journalist. She holds a BA in History and Literature from Harvard, where she taught environmentally sustainable robotics to kids. As a Young American Fulbright Journalist in Germany, she wrote for the independent daily die tageszeitung and the opinion magazineThe European before pursuing a graduate degree in journalism and international relations at Sciences Po, Paris.
Danielle Kitchingman-Roy Canadian
Danielle is a Canadian/British masters student in the International Security program at Sciences Po. Originally from Toronto, she completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science and French at McMaster University in 2010 and worked as a coordinator at a marketing firm for two years before returning to her studies. Her wanderlust to thank, Danielle has travelled extensively, her favorite mode of transportation being by motorcycle. Danielle is excited to be part of the Sparknews team and is looking forward to Impact Journalism Day! 


The Spark-workers



  Clementine Sassolas 

  Culture : French

After finishing her studies at Essec Business School with a major in social entrepreneurship, Clémentine joined the Sparknews team in July 2013. Prior to this, she was committed to voluntary programs in Cambodia and in El Salvador which confirmed her interest for impact driven businesses, she also worked as a trainee in marketing field, and she spent incredible months studying in India. Full of energy and enthusiasm she joined the team as Project Manager.



Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr

Culture : French - British - Lebanese

Marie-Elie Aboul-Nasr joined the team after two years spent in consulting to the public sector, and numerous internships in different organisations - including the International Labour Organisation, Veolia Transport -  and other initiatives relative to subjects of common good, such as urban development and sustainable development. Marie-Elie studied at ESSEC Business school, where she majored in Urban Economics, and holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and Planning. Over the years, Marie-Elie has been lucky enough to travel for extended periods of time, including Lebanon, Siberia, India and Morocco, as well as live in different countries, most notably the UK, France, Switzerland and the United States. Marie-Elie joined the team in 2014 as content strategist.


Véronique Olivier-Martin

Culture : Française

After 10 years of consulting for CapGemini Consulting, Véronique offers her services as an illustrator to the press as well as to the corporate.

For companies, her frescos illustrate and capture in real-time with humor the issues adressed throughout the seminars or workshops being held. She intervened in numerous companies and administrations as  international conferences such as TED, Le Women’s Forum, etc.

Ale Galey        

Culture : French

@SPARKTOUR Backpacker  : a round-the-world trip who acts as the matchmaker between social entrepreneurs and journalists -> www.sparktour.org

Adèle first disovered social entrepreneurship as a student at the ESSEC business school. After completing internships in event communication and at a sustainable development consulting agency, she realized that the start-up world was her true calling. Issued from a family of journalists, it’s only natural that she should turn towards Sparknews. She joined the team in September 2011 and will take part in the first-ever Spark Tour, a world tour dedicated to the promotion of initiative media around the world.


      Marie Poupinel

     Culture : Franco-english

After having spent most of her childhood in the heart of London following a british education, Marie integrated the International Sections of Sèvres to pursue her studies amidst a bilingual and international environment. Her multicultural background led her to become an active member of the European Youth Parliament, assuming various positions within the organization, more specifically as a board member and volunteer journalist. Determined to take a meaningful gap year to acquire a professional experience and learn outside the classroom before resuming her studies in fall 2013 at York University, she aligned her aspirations with SparkNews. Between parliamentary sessions spanning from Istanbul to Oslo, Marie is in charge of the start-up’s Community Management alongside taking part of SparkNews numerous projects.


Pierre Chevelle

Culture : French

After 2 years of preparatory class in Toulouse, Pierre Chevelle integrated the ESCP Europe business school in 2010. After spending a year in Paris followed by another in Berlin, he joined the Sparknews project as Project Manager. The Sparknews's "Sharing solution" motto corresponds well with this student who published a book of advices for preparatory class students ("Secrets d'Admis : How to succeed in prepa HEC").

  Angélina Pineau

  culture : French

  Passionate about communication and the digital media, the CELSA student     was first tempted by journalism before she decided to follow communication  studies. She carried out different projects, which led her to become a blog    editor and a contributor for Web-TV. Today, her work at Sparknews allows her   to combine her two passions




SparkNews Ambassadors

John Burke.

Culture : Franco-american

Former Business Development Director of the Global Editors Network - an association that brings together more than 600 editors-in-chief and senior news executives from all platforms to break down the barriers between traditional and new media – John Burke joined the Spark team in May 2012.
John specializes in new media strategies and how to integrate them into traditional media frameworks.
He worked for five years at the World Editors Forum (within WAN, World Association of Newspapers) as Deputy Director before earning an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid where he specialized in entrepreneurship and marketing.
John has gained experience in the e-commerce industry (while working for a start up, Daily deal) and used the combination of his new media and e-commerce knowledge when consulting for GEN.
John is now contributing to Sparknew’s launch. He works full time for Sparknews since June 2012.


Victoire Reneaume

Culture : French

Impressed by the Sparknews project, Victoire wished to participate to this social start-up adventure. The four years she lived in Madrid allowed her to have a good practice of Spanish, and her year abroad in Norway made her discover a new culture, full of good sense. After completing an internship in "La Médiation de l'Eau", she realizes that each problem has its solution and that dialogue is essential for their solving. She has just finnished her scolarship in Sciences Po Bordeaux, where she earned a dregree in European Affairs, and she joined the Sparkteam in order to share solutions at the European level but also at the international level.



Daria Karaulova

Culture : Franco-russian

At the age of 15 she has spent a year as an exchange student in USA where she encountered a very different from her home country, Russia, social work culture. During her university education as a political science student in New York University Abu Dhabi she has completed a semester in Buenos Aires, and is currently spending a semester in NYU Paris. Having lived and studied in such a variety of countries she has become alert to the social issues in the world and understood the importance of international collaboration in the process of finding solutions. Inspired by the idea of Sparknews, Daria has eagerly joined the team in July 2012 and has been mainly working on establishing connection with Russia and the Middle East.


Alexis Lefebvre

Culture : French

Alexis Lefebvre is a graduate of AgroParisTech, where he earned a degree in Management, Innovation and Business Performance. During his studies, he worked at the French Embassy in Singapore before joining a start-up in the health field, developing products derived from algae. He was captivated by the world of entrepreneurship, and immediately recognized the value and importance of the Sparknews endeavor. He worked on projects as a student before joining the team in March 2012.


                       Claire De Roux

                       Culture : French

At 21, Claire holds a law degree after completing her studies at Paris II Panthéon-Assas University. Her desire to study abroad led her to the spend her third year’s exchange program within the confounds of Buenos Aires University, at the heart of Argentina. Currently studying at L’Institut Catholique de Paris, she is focused on preparing her admissions exams for various renowned Journalism Schools. 2013 marked her affiliation with SparkNews, compelled by SparkNews’s visionary and meaningful journalistic approach.


Christopher Hutton-Williams

Culture : British

Based in London, Christopher has 30 years of experience in content syndication notably for The Economist. He worked with leading press edtiors such as The Financial Times, Courrier International, La Stampa and Axel Springer. Christopher coordinates Sparknews partnerships with foreign newspapers.


Saskia de Rothchild

Culture : Italo-franco-american

Coming from a French, American and italian background, Saskia completed her Journalism degree at Columbia and HEC, she currently writes for the Herald Tribune, and in the past collaborated alongside The Washington Post, La Nacion (Argentina)...


Naïk Guezel

Culture : French

Naïk Guezel, a network systems engineer, has actively supported humanitarian causes for children for the past fifteen years  (Aide-et-action, Unicef, Main dans la main...), as well as forward-thinking initiatives such as Reporters d’Espoir, where she met co-founder Christian de Boisredon. Her dedication led to a career change in 2009 towards the field of sustainable development, with a particular interest in ecology (Coopératrice Ecologiste, Les Colibris) and social economy and solidarity (Compos Sui). Naïk Guezel now brings together all these skills through her work at Sparknews, which she joined in January 2012.


Odile Tequi

Culture : French

Odile Tequi is in charge of SparkNews commercial development.

A former marketing manager and RP in editorial and event domains during 10 years, Odile puts to use her experience and skills in the service of SparkNews commercial aspects. Odile holds a degree in Law from Assas and a degree in Art History from La Sorbonne.



Volunteer Advisor

Hervé Deguine, Journalist/ content syndication/ sustainable development.

Hervé worked as a journalist at Libération, in the Development/ World Media Network section, and he was in charge of the content syndication. Then he became “Reporters sans frontière’s” researcher and Deputy director, before owning the leadership of a Prisma Press Group’s magazine. Today, he is in charge of strategic issues at Michelin’s sustainable development department. He published around ten books. He is a member of “Couleur de Chines’s” association, that patrons the scholarship for children from ethnic minorities, and he is a volunteer for a Medecin du Monde’s social program.



The contributors (Sparkers)

During the test phase of the Sparknews site, many people have work together to bring the site to life, contributing content as well as valuable advice and comments. Find everyone who has followed our development over the past months, and helped us by bringing their special “spark touch” to our efforts in the section all our contributors. 

Become a contributor! Write to us :  contact[at]sparknews.com

The Spark-committee

Men and women of the media, editors-in-chief and journalists, and major players in the world of social entrepreneurship, these people have sought to bring their support and credibility to Sparknews

We are currently undertaking the process of formally bringing together these important people. As of the current time, these well-known figures have declared their support for Sparknews :


Brigitte Garambois (Head of the Culture department, TF1 news)
Dominique Gerbaud (Chairman, Reporters Without Borders)
Laurent Joffrin (General Manager, Nouvel Observateur)
Catherine Matausch (TV newscaster, France 3)
Pierre-Henri de Menthon (Managing editor, Challenges)
Henri Pigeat (President, CFPJ, former Chairman of AFP)
Bertrand Pecquerie (CEO, Global Editor Network)
Aline Richard (Editor-in-chief, La Recherche)
Dominique Seux (Editor-in-chief, Les Echos and contributor  to radio France-Inter)
Jean-Sebastien Stehli (Editor-in-chief, Madame Figaro)
David Thompson (former head of BBC Films)
Charlotte Sector (editor in chief, France 24)
Anne Rodier (Journalist, Le Monde)
Jacques Rosselin (Editorial Directeur at La Tribune and cofounder of the Courrier international)
Pascale Kremer (Journalist, Le Monde)
Capucine Graby (Journalist, presenter)
Jean-Claude Guillebaud (Editorial writer, Nouvel Observateur and La Vie)
Isabelle Hennebel (Employment editor, L’Expansion and L’Express, Editor-in-Chief of Special editions at l’Express)

To see the complete list, click here.

We thank our current supporters for their dedication and invite everyone impassioned by Sparknews to join the committee by writing to  Christian de Boisredon cdeboisredon [at] sparknews.com

The experts

Experts are people who possess competence, knowledge, or expertise in one or more specific fields. No matter their job function or the type of structure they work in, they must meet the following Sparknews criteria:

  • Competence in one or more themes dealt with by Sparknews.
  • Independence, capacity to judge the initiatives without bias
  • Availability to contribute regularly through ratings, comments, or updates to the content (videos, opinion articles)
  • Share the vision and the values of Sparknews.

Sparknews offers its users a broad range of videos and articles about solutions and initiatives. The expert rating exists to help our users separate genuinely good ideas from false ones.

If you think you meet the criteria detailed above, we invite you to join our community of experts by filling out our registration form. This form will be submitted to the administrators for consideration.


Our partners

Sparknews have been launched thanks to Veolia Eau's support.

DDB Share also brought their expertise for our launching event at the News World Summit.